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Download The Best VPN for Travel

Take OysterVPN wherever you go. It is the best VPN for travel that unlocks geo-restricted content and lets you access the web securely.

Get Oystervpn While Travling

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Get Oystervpn While Travling

Your Digital Passport

Access Blocked Websites

OysterVPN keeps you connected to the content you love. If you are traveling to another country where the websites and services that you use are blocked, connect to a remote VPN server to gain instant access.

Hide From Online surveillance

Traveling to countries with strict digital laws and online surveillance is a risk to your privacy. OysterVPN’s encryption will ensure that your online activities are hidden from the internet service providers to prevent data retention.

Use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, And More

Connect with friends, share your travel diary, check your feed, make reels, and even use VoIP and text services like Skype and WhatsApp by connecting to the best VPN for travel.

Unrestricted Streaming

Need to catch up on a new episode? Access Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and many more streaming servers from anywhere in the world with OysterVPN’s dedicated streaming servers.

Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be a risk to your privacy. Such vulnerable networks can be intercepted by a hacker. But OysterVPN’s powerful encryption adds a layer of security that protects your data against such threats.

How to Setup a VPN for Travel

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Download and Install the VPN App

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Connect To Any VPN Server

How Does a Travel VPN Protect You Online?

A VPN creates an encrypted link between a user and a VPN server. The VPN server acts as an intermediately for private access to the internet. Thanks to VPN’s IP spoofing capability, your IP address and geo-location remain hidden from the websites you visit. Connecting to remote VPN servers in other countries also lets you access content that is not available worldwide.

Devices Simultaneously

Multi Logins

Use up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single OysterVPN subscription.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Data

Get zero restrictions on data consumption for browsing, streaming, and playing games online.

Lighting Fast Speed

Fast Servers

OysterVPN offers high-speed servers for the best browsing and streaming experience.

24/7 Chat Support

24/7 Customer Support

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via live chat and email for you.

Defeat Isp Throttling

ISP Throttling

Reduce the risk of ISP throttling by hiding your web activity with OysterVPN’s encryption.

Access Restricted Content From Anywhere

Stream Anywhere

OysterVPN unblocks popular streaming services from anywhere in the world on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you travel to another country, you will realize that some websites or services might not be available due to geo-restriction or censorship. A VPN for travel allows you connect to a VPN server in your native country to regain access to the content and services from anywhere in the world.

VPN apps are generally legal but some authoritarian countries such as Iran, China, UAE have banned the use of VPNs to access censored content.

Because countries like China have Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) installed in their firewalls that can detect VPN traffic, it is strongly advised that you do not use a free VPN to access the internet. Moreover, free VPNs are a privacy risk because they log your online activities for profit.

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