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Why Partner With OysterVPN

Everyone is welcome

Everyone Is Welcome

OysterVPN cares about the Online privacy and security of every user, which is a universal right. Therefore, OysterVPN welcomes every user to partner and spread the message. Whether you are a radio host, run your podcast, or have your own YouTube channel, OysterVPN needs every ambassador to help to spread the message.

World's #1 VPN service

World's Number 1 VPN Service

OysterVPN ambassadors can Help their audience stay safe and secure online by using the #1 rated VPN. In addition, OysterVPN ambassadors can Protect their reputation by teaming up with a leading brand that always puts its customers' privacy first.

Get paid to create what you want

Get Paid To Create What You Want

OysterVPN grants its ambassadors with freedom and privacy. Moreover, it protects its user's content from demonization.

Dedicated support

Dedicated Support

The OysterVPN team grants dedicated support to its ambassadors. The OysterVPN team assures the ambassadors of their privacy and fulfills all their requirements and needs.

Working With OysterVPN Is Simple


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Working With OysterVPN Is Simple

Use With Complete Ease

Ambassadors can use OysterVPN with complete ease as it encrypted data through tunnels secured with military-grade security.

Access More Entertainment

OysterVPN ambassadors can enjoy their favorite tv shows and series and stream content from other regions easily.

Connect 5 Devices

OysterVPN users can enjoy a subscription of OysterVPN on 5 devices at a time with high speed and unlimited Bandwidths.

Beat Price Discrimination

OysterVPN beats price discrimination for its users by keeping the price the same for every gender, location, and occupation.

Avoid Geo-Restriction

OysterVPN ambassadors can avoid geo-restrictions and have access to blocked websites and apps.

Privacy Protections

OysterVPN assures its user's privacy and provides them with world-class privacy protections for their information and data.