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Generate Strong, Random Passwords

When you first opened this page, your device generated a new password for you. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you need it. Click Regenerate if you need a new one. To adjust the requirements, check the Character Types boxes or utilize the Password Length slider.

The OysterVPN Password Generator utilized your device to estimate the time it will take to brute force break the password in the box (a computer churning through random guesses). Please keep in mind that a mathematically complicated but not random (such as P4s$w0rd987) could be easily guessed by looking for variations on popular words or using a list of leaked passwords.

The Best Password Tips from the Pros

  1. Use a Unique Password A password you are creating must be unique; it should be not easy to crack, just like your name or any detail that is available to everyone.
  2. Don’t Use Personal Information Personal information as a password is an invitation to hackers to easily get into your accounts.
  3. Keep Passwords Long Another important thing is to keep passwords at least 12 characters long because Long Passwords are harder to guess or crack.
  4. Keep Passwords that You Remember Your passwords should be hard to guess but only for other, for you it should be easily rememberable. This will make you safe from the hassles of recovering your password again and again.
  5. Change Your Passwords Only When Needed At times changing passwords becomes necessary and only then you should change your passwords.

The OysterVPN Guide to Stronger Passwords

Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication

By creating a secondary password that is only valid for a limited period, two-factor authentication makes your accounts and services more difficult to hack. We’ll show you why you should use it, how to set it up, and which two-factor authentication techniques are best for you.

Password Managers
Password Managers

Password managers keep all your passwords and confidential data together in order to keep it all together and protected from any unwanted authorities.


We’ll show you how to make secure, one-of-a-kind passwords that are simple to remember. Diceware can help you create a master password for your password manager, Bitcoin “brain wallets,” or any other account you want to protect.