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Secure Your Accounts With a Strong Password

Use the tool on this page to generate a strong password randomly. Tick the boxes and drag the length slider to improve the strength of the password. Mixing lengthy password with special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers will increase the time it will take for a computer to crack the password by running permutations.

The Best Password Tips

  1. Use a unique password: Create a password using a mix of uppercase and lowercase, special characters, and numbers. It should not be easy to crack, just like your name, birth date, or popular names like sports teams or celebrities.
  2. Don't use personal information: Personal information as a password is an invitation to hackers to easily get into your accounts.
  3. Keep long passwords: Another important thing is to keep passwords at least 12 characters long because long Passwords are harder to guess or crack.
  4. Use a password manager: Memorizing a complex password for every account can be a challenge. Instead, use a password manager to store all your passwords in one place and access them instantly via a master password.
  5. Don't repeat passwords: Don't set the same password on multiple accounts. And don't reuse an old password as it may have been leaked before.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authencation (2FA) enables a second verification step to access an account. It can be a one-time passcode (OTP), sign-in prompt on a registered device, or biometric verification.


Password Managers

Password managers serve as a secure vault to store all your passwords and notes that you can access with a master password.



Diceware is a technique of creating random passwords or passphrases using computer programmed dice throws.