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How to set up VPN on Chrome

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Why do you need to use a VPN on Chrome?

If you use Google Chrome for most of your web browsing, using an OysterVPN for Chrome is a quick and easy method to safeguard your internet connection. Because OysterVPN is built within your browser, you can easily access and change your server location whenever you need to.

OysterVPN includes a Chrome extension that allows you to control the VPN from within your browser. As a result, they’re excellent alternatives if you want quick access to the sites you prefer, no matter where you are.

Enjoy the benefits of VPN Chrome Extension

OysterVPN uses a tunnel, which means that all traffic from all Chrome windows and Chrome applications is routed through the VPN connection. Installing an OysterVPN plugin or extension for Chrome will safeguard all of your browsing activities and data when using that browser. It comes with Security entails encrypting all of your data when browsing. Your IP address is disguised, allowing you to browse anonymously. OysterVPN provides Ad-free browsing – the Chrome addon does not show advertisements. Plus, there are no bandwidth limits if you have unlimited bandwidth.

Stunning Features Of OysterVPN

Have a look into the security features of OysterVPN, designed to ensure you ultimate digital freedom.

Safe Servers

Enjoy secure and safe connectivity with OysterVPN Safe Servers.

Secure Protocols

Stay safe and protected with top notch security protocols.

Simultaneous Connections

Share your OysterVPN account with your friends and family as it allows multi logins.


Enjoy hassle free browsing and streaming with our Ad-blocker feature.

IPV6 Leak Protection

IPv6 leak protection feature saves the IP address of your devices.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No caps, no limits! Enjoy unlimited bandwidth with all OysterVPN servers.

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Frequently asked questions

OysterVPN’s chrome extension works like remote control and makes it easier for you to connect and disconnect the OysterVPN app. Also, you can change locations and settings easily with the browser extension.

The extension is just like a remote control of the app and thus you will need the OysterVPN app to be installed in order to make the extension work.

No, it has nothing to do with your browsing history and it will be stored as per the default settings. Though, you can delete your chrome’s history whenever you want.

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