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One account, all your gadgets

1 Subscription with Multi-Logins

Freedom means connecting every device with your VPN subscription. OysterVPN lets you connect up to devices with just one account. You also get unlimited data with every VPN plan.

Pick any device, log in to the VPN app, and start using.

Frequently asked questions

OysterVPN supports any device through VPN on router. If you don't see your device in the list, connect the device to a VPN-enabled router and get VPN protection without an app.
Multi-login allows you to use OysterVPN simultaneously on devices. Simply log in to the app on your devices and start using.
The OysterVPN app and browser extension run independently. The browser extension works inside the browser and only spoofs the traffic of that web browser. Whereas, the desktop app encrypts every type of internet traffic from your device. We recommend using the OysterVPN app for better privacy and security.
Wireless communication is more vulnerable to cyberattacks, so make it a point to always connect to Wi-Fi with VPN.