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Connect to the Singapore Servers easily

Sign up for an account with OysterVPN

Sign up for an account with OysterVPN

Download and Install OysterVPN

Download and Install OysterVPN

Connect to the OysterVPN servers in Singapore

Connect to the OysterVPN servers in Singapore

How does a Singapore VPN work?

OysterVPN monitors its network regularly to ensure that its Singapore users are protected from surveillance. In addition, OysterVPN utilized procedures and advanced technology to provide its customers with the best possible experience. Consequently, OysterVPN delivers consistent and trustworthy performance and innovative, customized apps for a wide range of devices, including firewalls.

Data Retention in Singapore

Singapore’s government has imposed a data retention policy on its people. Under this data retention regulation, the government mandates internet service providers to monitor and report any undesirable online conduct by their subscribers. ISPs are also required to transmit data from their customers’ smartphones. Under the Act’s rules, the government also has access to any individual’s email and other internet communication services. Because OysterVPN protects its clients’ data by this policy, users may browse privately and safely.

Access American Content with Singapore VPN

Users in Singapore who use OysterVPN can now access American streaming sites and apps like Netflix. In addition, OysterVPN also gives customers access to leisure material, allowing them to watch movies, television episodes, and sports whenever and wherever they choose.

Complete Internet Freedom for Singapore netizens

OysterVPN users may enjoy total Internet freedom thanks to OysterVPN. It also offers users access to performance-optimized servers. As a result, OysterVPN is a fantastic streaming VPN. OysterVPN additionally offers its users exceptional security and no logs.

Benefits of using a Singapore VPN

Protect your Privacy

Protect your online activity by encrypting it so that no one can monitor or steal your information.

Secure your browsing

OysterVPN lets its users have secure browsing with a no-log policy and doesn’t monitor users’ surfing data when they connect.

Browse Throttle free

ISPs Limit user’s bandwidth on purpose. By using OysterVPN to browse the internet, users can browse throttle free.

Unlimited streaming bandwidth

OysterVPN does not impose any limits on file downloads or uploads. Therefore, Users can download files with no restrictions and limitless bandwidth through OysterVPN.

Hide your IP address

OysterVPN hides its users’ identity, keeps the data private from hackers, and protects users from online attackers.

Safety from Online surveillance

While accessing the web from any place, on any device, users can protect their data and activities with the end-to-end security of OysterVPN.

Unblock US streaming channels



OysterVPN users can now stream the VIU channel at high speed. In addition, users can stream or download the content anytime.

ME WATCH Singapore

Me Watch Singapore

Users can now Subscribe to OysterVPN and enjoy the streaming services of ME watch.

Single TV Go

Single TV Go

OysterVPN users in Singapore can have access to SINGTEL TV GO and enjoy their favorite content without any restrictions

Star Hub

Star Hub

OysterVPN users can now download and use Star hub anytime.

VPN Servers

OysterVPN gives access to international servers to its users. Users can have access to multiple servers in Singapore.

Singapore VPN

OysterVPN for Singapore users comes with Military-grade security and encryption. In addition, OysterVPN for Singapore is compatible with all the devices and comes with reasonable price ranges.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s how you can connect to a Singapore server:

  1. Subscribe to OysterVPN.
  2. Download and install the OysterVPN app on your device.
  3. Open OysterVPN and select a location in Singapore and you are done!

Singapore is well-known for its internet restriction policies and free VPNs can’t match the level of protection OysterVPN’s deliver with fast speeds and 24/7 customer service, and they won’t protect your privacy as ferociously.

Yes, using a VPN in Singapore is 100% legal as long as you aren’t using it for any kind of illegal activity.

Live, 24/7 Customer Support

We make sure to get you on the spot 24/7 customer support anywhere at any time! Feel free to connect with our customer support team for first-hand information.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

We care what you have invested in buying our product! Not satisfied with the purchase? Worry not! Just cancel it anytime, and we will refund you instantly.