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OysterVPN Privacy Policy

We covertly want you to recognize how encrypted and cautiously we gather information, what we don’t collect, how we collect, and how we utilize and keep information private. For example, no records of your activity are gathered for safe and end-to-end encryption, including no tracking of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS query details. We also never keep connection logs, which means there are no traces of your IP address, incoming VPN IP address, connection timestamp, or session length.

General Information

OysterVPN collects four types of Information:

  1. Information related to your Account (“PERSONAL INFORMATION”)

    This data is gathered to maintain and oversee your OysterVPN subscription. It consists of your name, email address, and payment information, which you enter on our order page when you register for the services. Although, we do not record any of your payment information. Your information is transferred to secure Third-Party merchant for processing the payment. We only keep records of your personal information which includes name and email address.

  2. Aggregate Apps and VPN Connection Summary Statistics

    OysterVPN gathers little information about users to provide improved customer care and quality of service. What information we collect is detailed in the section below. Unfortunately, no information on what the user performed with the OysterVPN is included in this data: no figures regarding the contents or destinations of VPN traffic, no DNS queries, and no IP addresses.

  3. (User-controlled option): Anonymous app diagnostics, including crash reports

    App diagnostic data, and therefore feedback, such as crash reports, usability diagnostics, and VPN connection diagnostics, are anonymized and cannot be linked to specific OysterVPN customers. This function is comparable to the “send bug report” option. Users may choose whether or not to submit this data to us in the settings menu of any OysterVPN App.

  4. Only for users who choose to use the Media Streamer service: IP addresses authorized to use Media Streamer

    In addition to VPN services, we provide our optional Media Streamer service for various devices that do not support VPNs. Users who choose to use Media Streamer can choose which IP addresses should be permitted to utilize the service; OysterVPN only uses these IP addresses to deliver the optional Media Streamer service and for no other reason.

Personal Information

OysterVPN collects personal information that you submit directly to us over the Site. We need personal information from you, such as a name, and email address and payment details, to create an OysterVPN account, email/contact, collect a payment, and react to support inquiries. Depending on the payment option you use, the precise data gathered varies. Therefore, we propose that you utilize cryptocurrency payments when subscribing to our Service to shorten the details of personal information you provide to us.

To complete a transaction involving certain types of payment, the Site may connect you to the website of a third-party payment processor. Please review the relevant site terms and privacy policies to learn more about the personal information that these processors gather and retain.

OysterVPN uses your email address for the following purposes:

  • First, to send emails related to payment transactions.
  • Second, to provide links to our website, including password reset emails.
  • To send you updates and announcements.
  • To communicate with you about VPN services or respond to your communications.
  • To send marketing information, such as OysterVPN offers, invitations, and content. You may choose not to receive marketing announcements finally after the opt-out procedure described in these emails.
  • OysterVPN only uses your personal information for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy, and we do not sell your personal information to third parties; however, these preceding terms do not preclude the transfer of data if OysterVPN is acquired by, or merged with, a third-party entity, to such entity (to be newly created to operate the OysterVPN business) and its completely owned subsidiaries/related entities, for legitimate interest, while ensuring at all times a secure environment.

Aggregate Apps and VPN Connection Summary Statistics

We certify that we never observe browsing, history, traffic destination, data content, IP addresses, or DNS queries under any circumstances. Therefore:

  • We do not know which user ever accessed a particular website or service.
  • We do not know which user was connected to the VPN at a certain time or which VPN server IP addresses they used.
  • If anyone tries to force OysterVPN to release user-secured information based on any of the above, we cannot provide any information because the data doesn’t exist.

To maintain admirable customer support and quality of service, OysterVPN records the following information related to your VPN usage:

Apps and Apps versions

We gather details related to which Apps and Apps version(s) you’re currently using. Knowing your current version of the Apps allows our Technical Support Team to troubleshoot technical issues with you.

Successful connection

We gather data on whether you successfully established a VPN connection on a certain day (but not at what time of day), to which VPN location (but not your allocated outgoing IP address), and from which country/ISP (but not your source IP address). This little information helps us provide technical assistance, such as diagnosing connection issues, offering country-specific advice on how to use our Service effectively, and allowing OysterVPN IT professionals to detect and resolve network faults. Advice on effectively using

The aggregate sum of data transferred (in MB)

We account for new information regarding the total sum of data transferred by a given user. Although we provide unlimited data transfer, if we notice that a single user pushes more traffic than thousands of others combined, thereby affecting the quality of service for other OysterVPN users, we may contact that user for an explanation.


We’ve built our systems to eliminate the storage of sensitive data unambiguously. We may know THAT a customer has used OysterVPN, but we never know how they have used our Services. We strictly follow no-logs policy to maintain the ambiguity of our clients. We stand by our firm commitment to our customers’ privacy by not possessing any data related to a user’s online activities.

Anonymous App Diagnostics, including Crash Reports (can be turned off by the user)

With your permission, we gather anonymized app diagnostic data, such as crash reports, usability diagnostics, and VPN connection diagnostics. We utilize this information in our network operations tools to assist in optimizing network speeds and identifying faults and areas for improvement with certain applications, VPN servers, or ISPs. The data we get is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any OysterVPN customers (i.e., we do not store which user sent which information, nor do we store user IP addresses).

If you opt in to share this information with OysterVPN, we will collect the following anonymized information:

  • Diagnostic information about if and how a VPN connection attempt failed.
  • Speed test data.
  • App diagnostics, including crash reports and usability testing, are available without revealing any personally identifying information. These are managed anonymously by these third parties, depending on the platform you use OysterVPN on.
  • When you activate any OysterVPN App, you will be prompted to share this data. In the App’s settings, you may enable or disable the sharing of diagnostic data at any moment. Apple’s crash reporting, for example, maybe turned off in iOS settings.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Oyster Technologies has a vital mission to keep your information secure and private. In service of this mission, Oyster Technologies headquarters and registered place of business is in the Ireland, which has firm laws concerning information disclosure than most countries.

The Ireland has no data possession laws, and any legal order requiring an Ireland company to disclose customer records must come from the Ireland Supreme Court. Under Ireland law, information requests from foreign courts or law enforcement are subject to a “dual criminality” provision, meaning that the appeal is upheld by the Ireland Supreme Court only if the same crime is punishable by at least a one-year prison sentence under Ireland law, had it taken place in the Ireland. Should we receive a valid legal order from the Ireland Supreme Court, it is important to note that OysterVPN does not record any IP addresses, browsing history, traffic data, or DNS queries that could be used to identify any specific user.

Storing of Information Related to Email, Live Chat, and Feedback Forms

OysterVPN keeps records of any correspondence, questions, complaints, or compliments you submit to us through our Site or Services, along with our response. Depending on how you contact OysterVPN, we may collect your email address and any additional information you provide to us. Having full correspondence records enables our trusted employees to provide the best possible customer support results.

We use two third-party platforms for support correspondence. When you correspond with us using these platforms, they will store your correspondence records – including your email address and user and device attributes that help with troubleshooting, such as the country you are contacting us from and your device’s operating system. In addition, both platforms utilize strongly encrypted modern security practices and HTTPs encryption.

Security Measures to Protect Your Information

OysterVPN uses the executive class of physical, procedural, and technical security concerning our offices and information storage facilities to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of information. Access to user records is restricted to the staff who require such access to perform their job functions.

While we believe these systems are trustworthy, it is important to understand that no data security measures in the world can offer complete protection from catastrophe circumstances.

Servers are situated in data centers with strong and trusted security practices. None of these data centers require us to collect or store any traffic data or personal information related to your use of VPN Services. If any data center were to ask us to log such data, we would immediately cease operations with said data center and find alternative options.

Even if a government were to physically seize and overtake one of our VPN servers and manage to break its vital disk encryption, there would be no logs or information that would tie any individual user to a particular event, website, or behavior.

Cookies and Mobile Identifiers

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file with small data used to store information about your visit to the Site. Cookies let OysterVPN optimize and improve the Site’s user experience by helping us deliver certain functionalities. Cookies store stateful information such as website login, language settings, and browsing activity. The cookies we use may vary over time as we frequently update and improve our Site.

Disabling cookies

You are free to change your cookie preferences at any time. You can do this in the settings panel for your browser. Depending on which browser and device you use, you specifically choose which cookies you allow, which cookies you want to block in the future, and delete cookies. For more information about these settings, please refer to the “Support” section. Note that OysterVPN’s Site may not work as original if you choose to disable cookies.

OysterVPN’s Cookies

OysterVPN cookies allow us to save your language selection, assign visitors to a marketing channel, and securely display information relevant to your account after you log in. The cookies include a user identifier but no immediately personally identifiable information such as your name or email address, and they do not monitor any activity outside of the domains of OysterVPN.

Third-party Cookies

OysterVPN uses third-party services such as Google Analytics and AdWords. Cookies from such services are used to collect data for information reports. For example, we may generate reports regarding the number of time users spend on the Site and the number of users who visit a particular page.

OysterVPN uses Google AdWords marketing to show advertisements on third-party websites (including Google) to users who have visited our Site. For example, we may conduct such users’ promotions personally-identifying announcements on a Google search results page or a site in the Google Display Network.

Cookies are used by third-party vendors, such as Google and different search engines to show advertising based on previous visits to a website. Any information gathered will be subject to our Privacy Policy as well as Google’s Privacy Policy. Users can opt-out of Google’s cookie use by going to the Google Advertising Opt-out Page. Users can unsubscribe from Google Analytics by going to the Google Analytics Opt-out Page. By visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Page, users can opt-out of third-party vendor cookie use.

Mobile Identifiers

Mobile identification is a unique identifier assigned to an Android or iOS smartphone. It does not include any of your information. OysterVPN employs mobile identifiers to produce statistics on the marketing channels and advertising partners via which users learned about and downloaded OysterVPN mobile apps.

Disabling or resetting mobile identifiers

On choice, Users may disable or reset the mobile identifiers associated with their devices at any moment. For clear instructions, see Apple’s page on Advertising & Privacy on iOS devices and Google’s page on Managing your Google Settings on your Android device.

Third-Party Websites

The Site may contain links to various external websites that do not fall under OysterVPN’s domain. OysterVPN is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such external websites, which can be opened on your click.

Users in the European Union

OysterVPN is devoted to user privacy worldwide, and our current policies reflect that by collecting as little data as possible and giving users a choice over their personal information. However, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compels us to describe such practices, particularly EU customers.

Following the GDPR, we collect and treat the data mentioned in this Privacy Policy for one of the following reasons:

To fulfil our contractual obligations to users, including:

Providing users with the Services and Apps they have requested.

Managing user subscriptions and processing payments.

Providing customer support.

For a legitimate interest associated with the operation of our business, including:

We are enhancing the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our Site, Services, and Apps.

We are communicating with customers to provide information and seek required feedback related to our Services and Apps.

With the consent of users, which users can withdraw at any time.

You can access your rights under the GDPR to transfer, correct, delete, or object to the processing of your personal information by contacting us at [email protected]

Changes to the Privacy Policy

According to privacy laws and principles, we may change our Privacy Policy for some time fulfill without giving you any prior notice or alert. Therefore, your continued use of the Site or Services indicates your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

How to Contact OysterVPN

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and how we manage your information, please contact OysterVPN unhesitatingly at the following email address: [email protected]