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How to Hide My IP

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Will having a shared IP Address Help?

When you use a VPN to access the internet, the VPN establishes an encrypted link between your device and the internet, known as a tunnel. During the tunneling procedure, the VPN replaces your IP address with its own. Because your IP address is shared with thousands of other VPN users, it’s nearly hard for anybody to track your online activities back to you.

When you use a VPN, your IP address is hidden (or “scrambled”), shielding your location, identity, and online behavior from anybody trying to track you down using your IP address.

What does hide my IP mean?

A public IP address is assigned to everyone on the internet. You share your IP address with every website, app, and service you use every time whenever you are connected to the internet.

However, if you use a VPN proxy, websites, applications, and services will show the VPN proxy server’s public IP address rather than your own. This is what “hide my IP” or “alter my IP” means:

Websites, applications, and services may be unaware that your IP address has been altered or disguised. Therefore, you are nothing more than an anonymous internet user in their eyes.

Why would I want to hide my IP?

Your IP address reveals a great deal about who you are. You’re probably disclosing more than you know about your location, identity, and activities when you don’t mask your IP address, allowing others to manage your online experience.

Hide my location

IP addresses are frequently linked to actual locations. Therefore, anyone with access to your public IP address may make an educated estimate as to where you are right now.

This may be either incredibly convenient or highly hazardous, depending on who you are. In either case, most individuals like to have control over who and when they expose their whereabouts, and they don’t like it when their position is broadcast without their consent.

OysterVPN gives you the ability to change your IP address to a secure VPN IP address in any of its 100s locations across the world, giving you complete control.

Protect my identity

Because each internet device has a unique public IP address, the IP address may also be used to uniquely identify that device, allowing it to be tracked back to a single individual. As a result, linking specific online behavior to a certain individual is quite simple for a website, service, or app.

This is fantastic for people and corporations who want to keep tabs on you, but not so much for those who value their privacy. You should mask your IP if you don’t want third parties to know which websites you visit, what you download, and who you chat to.

Restore my freedom

Websites, applications, and services can influence your experience based on where or who they think you are if they know your public IP address. However, if you know how to change your IP address, you can have whatever experience you desire.

Other parties can also use your IP address along with your connection, such as your Wi-Fi network operator, internet service provider, or even government authorities, to restrict, reroute, and censor your web activity. Using a proxy to route your traffic

VPN with a different IP address allows you to defeat censorship and restore your freedom.

Different ways to hide your IP address

Some “proxy” services claim to be able to disguise your IP address without providing the same level of protection as a VPN. Therefore, sending your traffic via an anonymous proxy service, especially if it touts itself as a “free proxy,” should be done with caution.

Free proxies may mask your IP address for free, but they may also use trackers, adverts, and other malware to monetize your traffic.

Proxy servers also lack the security and other capabilities that a premium VPN service provides. So, check out what you get when you use OysterVPN instead of a free proxy to hide your IP address.

  • With OysterVPN:
  • Hides your IP address
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Network Lock/kill switch
  • No activity logs, no connection logs
  • 24/7 live chat support

A proxy might only help to hide your IP address, but a VPN will secure it.

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Why is OysterVPN the best choice to hide my IP

Though there are a number of ways to mask your IP address, only OysterVPN does it with a full set of security measures and a firm dedication to privacy. We check all the measures constantly to keep your DNS, Web RTC and IP address protected from whoever you want.

Frequently asked questions

The IP address is a specific numeric label connected to a computer for internet communication. It is used to determine your device’s address and your geographical location.

There could be a number of reasons to hide your IP. It includes but is not limited to securing your identity and accessing the sites that are geo-restricted in your region.

No, hiding an IP address is not illegal by any means and it is one of the measures that are taken to protect your digital identity.

OysterVPN can replace your real IP address with a different one which is used by multiple users. This way your IP address is secured and protected.