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OysterVPN Secures Your Internet Traffic

Keep your web traffic safe from prying eyes with the power of VPN security. OysterVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption trusted by security experts worldwide. It is a symmetric encryption protocol that is fast to encrypt while boosting your defenses against data theft.

How Does a Secure VPN Work?

When you connect to OysterVPN, the app encrypts your internet traffic and uses its remote VPN server to handle your internet requests. The websites you visit will not know your real IP address and geographic location, thanks to the VPN server's IP address.

Anyone looking at the online data will see gibberish, as opposed to plaintext which is how unencrypted data appears. All traffic instead passes through an encrypted tunnel to prevent interception and surveillance by others. A secure VPN keeps your activities private so they cannot be deciphered by your ISP or any other third party

Make the Switch to a Secure VPN

Find out the daily benefits that VPN safety can bring to your online lifestyle

Change Your Location

An IP address serves as a unique address for you on the internet. OysterVPN allows you to mask your IP address by using its VPN server as a proxy. You can instantly change your geographic location, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions on the internet.

Protect Your Privacy

Your internet connection potentially reveals a lot about you to the websites and apps you visit. Third-party tracking can exploit not only your IP address but also your browsing history and usage patterns to collect this information. OysterVPN gives you anonymity on the internet by hiding all the things about you that lead to online tracking. Only you get to decide what to share of your online life.

Increase Your Security

On the internet, user data is a commodity which makes privacy breaches frequent and complex. Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, packet sniffing, and data retention are serious dangers to your privacy. OysterVPN secures your data with powerful AES 256-bit encryption making it the safest VPN for daily tasks.

Unlock Websites

Despite the appearance of unlimited reach, the internet is not without restrictions. Popular services like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter are blocked in various regions. If that applies to your country, OysterVPN can help you gain access to blocked websites and apps. Whether traveling, in school, or at work, OysterVPN can instantly bypass geo-blocks to give you an internet without borders.

Your Digital Passport

Local firewalls can prevent access to websites and services you take for granted especially while traveling. Now you can go anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that comes with the most secure VPN. Use online banking services, stream your favorite content, or get real news, all without geo-restrictions or censorship. Stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

One-Tap Security Upgrade

Privacy On Public Wi-Fi

A visit to the cafe could become dangerous if you are not careful while connecting to their public Wi-Fi. Many public Wi-Fi are not password-protected which makes them vulnerable to hackers. Turning on a VPN adds encryption to your internet traffic to prevent any third parties on the same network from sniffing your data packets.

Fight Against Data Retention

Internet service providers in many countries are legally required to retain user data for a specified period. Under data retention law, ISPs monitor and keep logs of your web activity. A VPN takes away that power from the ISP by encrypting your internet traffic and DNS queries so that your web activity remains hidden.

Stop Governments From Spying On You

You need a secure VPN because certain countries such as China and UAE have strict surveillance that intrudes on personal privacy. Digital surveillance is a real thing, and it involves tracking a person's internet and cellular activities. OysterVPN encrypts user data and masks the user's IP addresses by routing their network traffic to another server located thousands of miles away.

Keep Your Internet Free From Censorship

Some governments practice heavy censorship by blocking out websites and services from access. This is where a secure VPN like OysterVPN comes in. With its AES 256-bit encryption, it can encrypt DNS queries to prevent ISPs from blocking out the requests to view websites that are blocked.

Frequently asked questions

HTTPS only encrypts the payload which contains the message inside the data packet, the header that contains the destination address is still exposed. A VPN wraps the data packets in another layer of encryption which covers destination address, and it uses a different DNS server for fulfilling your web requests.