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How to set up a VPN on a Firefox

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Open Firefox and search and Install OysterVPN Firefox

Open Firefox and search and Install OysterVPN Firefox

Log in to the OysterVPN Firefox extension and connect to your desired server

Log in to the OysterVPN Firefox extension and connect to your desired server

Why do you need a VPN for Firefox?

Oyster VPN for Firefox allows you to remain anonymous and safe while using the browser. OysterVPN conceals your true location and safeguards your information from data collectors. OysterVPN encrypts your data so that hackers or any unwanted entities can’t see data or information. Data collectors will not be able to see your IP address. OysterVPN secures and protects your internet activity. When utilizing public Wi-Fi networks, OysterVPN protects your browser from unwanted advertising and your device from viruses and other risks.

Enjoy the full benefits of the VPN Firefox extension

OysterVPN is best Firefox VPN you can get. The privacy and security of the user’s data are ensured. Users of the OysterVPN service may unblock and access their favorite websites, streaming services, and channels. In addition, OysterVPN provides an Unlimited VPN Proxy plugin for Firefox. This means you can keep surfing for as long as you want without worrying about bandwidth limitations. Safeguard your privacy by avoiding WebRTC leaks. The OysterVPN proxy service ensures constant VPN speed. Because industry specialists constantly tune OysterVPN’s servers, The users receive fast VPN speeds.

Stunning Features Of OysterVPN

Have a look into the security features of OysterVPN, designed to ensure you ultimate digital freedom.

Log-less policy

OysterVPN strictly prohibits the no-logs policy while delivering ultimate privacy.

P2P Optimized Servers

Enjoy safe and secure torrenting with OysterVPN P2P optimized servers.

Split Tunneling

Protect whichever apps and URLs you like, customize your protection as you like.

AES 256-bit encryption

Secure your traffic with OysterVPN military-grade encryption and stay safe from spying eyes.


Enjoy hassle free browsing and streaming with our Ad-blocker feature.

DNS Leak Protection

Your anonymity matters, which is why OysterVPN guarantees DNS leak protection.

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Frequently asked questions

Firefox is one of the secure browsers but still it is not 100% safe. Thus, OysterVPN’s firefox extension can connect you to OysterVPN’s app and will work like a remote control to connect, disconnect, change locations, and other settings.

The extension only works as a remote control of your OysterVPN’s app and thus you will definitely need the app even if you have the Firefox extension.

Yes, definitely! Because a Firefox VPN extension secures all your online activity whereas a VPN browser only secures your browser’s activity.

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