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How to set up a VPN on IOS

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Download and Install the OysterVPN for IOS

Download and Install the OysterVPN for IOS

Choose a location and connect to a secure OysterVPN server

Choose a location and connect to a secure OysterVPN server

Why do you need the best VPN for IOS devices?

While using public Wi-Fi networks, you should use OysterVPN on your iPhone. On a mobile device, OysterVPN works in the same way as it does on a desktop or laptop: it establishes an encrypted, private tunnel between its users’ iPhones and public Wi-Fi networks. As a result, OysterVPN protects your data and identity online, which is accomplished by concealing your iPhone’s IP address, and rerouting your internet traffic through Oyster’s VPN servers, therefore making it anonymous.

Meet the easiest VPN for IOS

OysterVPN has a worldwide VPN server network with high speed. OysterVPN provides its users with limitless bandwidth with no limiting from the user’s ISP. OysterVPN protects its user’s online activity from prying advertising, criminal actors, and overbearing internet service providers. OysterVPN encrypts the internet traffic. OysterVPN is the greatest method to connect to the Internet in a private, fast, and secure manner no matter where you are. OysterVPN does not keep track of the activity or connection logs of its users.

Why you should choose OysterVPN

OysterVPN offers customers connection speeds that are difficult to surpass. In addition, OysterVPN protects your iPhone data with next-generation encryption and top-tier VPN technologies.

With OysterVPN, you only need one touch to encrypt your whole traffic. You may even configure the app to connect automatically, giving you complete peace of mind. Moreover, users can access their favorite content from wherever – there are no data limitations or speed limits by using OysterVPN.

Stunning Features Of OysterVPN

Have a look into the security features of OysterVPN, designed to ensure you ultimate digital freedom.

DNS Leak Protection

Your anonymity matters, which is why OysterVPN guarantees DNS leak protection.

ISP Throttling

Bypass ISP Throttling and enjoy true digital freedom. Enjoy seamless speeds for streaming.

NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall Feature will add an extra layer of protection to block inbound traffic.

IPV6 Leak Protection

IPv6 leak protection feature saves the IP address of your devices.

Safe Servers

Enjoy secure and safe connectivity with OysterVPN Safe Servers.

Log-less policy

OysterVPN strictly prohibits the no-logs policy while delivering ultimate privacy.

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Frequently asked questions

It secures your internet traffic by creating a tunnel between your device and the destination that you are trying to reach. OysterVPN can protect your internet identity and can establish connections to reach geo-restricted sites.

Though iPhone provides the support to connect to a VPN but it does not have a built-in VPN and you will have to buy or subscribe to OysterVPN for the VPN services.

Yes, OysterVPN can allow up to 10 devices at a time including iPhone and iPad as well.

Although all VPNs have an effect on your internet speed, but OysterVPN is usually unnoticeable.

No activity or connection logs are kept by OysterVPN, it never saves any information that could be used to link a specific network activity or behaviour to a specific user.

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