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How to find the best UK VPN

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Download or Install OysterVPN app for the UK

Download or Install OysterVPN app for the UK

Connect to a secure OysterVPN server for the UK

Connect to a secure OysterVPN server for the UK

Reasons to use OysterVPN in UK

To get access to geo-restricted content and streaming servers, Users in the UK use OysterVPN. OysterVPN lets its users access their favorite content by promising the safety and security of their IP addresses from online predators. OysterVPN protects its users in the UK from spies and ISPs from hacking or manipulating the data and information of the users. OysterVPN throttles the connection speed, which lets the users enjoy buffer-free streaming. Moreover, the OysterVPN server wipes all its users’ data and doesn’t keep a copy of it.

Bypass Internet censorship

OysterVPN lets its users Bypass internet Censorship by giving access to Geo-restricted sites. OysterVPN masks its user’s identity and provides access to television content from other regions, which is blocked due to geographic location. Furthermore, OysterVPN prevents the tracking of the activity of the blocked sites by keeping the sensitive data protected.

Secure 6 devices with one account

OysterVPN account can secure up to 6 devices simultaneously, giving customers 6 times the safety. It makes no difference if people use Windows, macOS, or another operating system. OysterVPN encrypts communications and hides users’ IP addresses. Furthermore, if customers install OysterVPN on their router, it will protect any device on your network using just one of the six slots available.

Fastest VPN Connection

OysterVPN gives its consumers access to Fast VPN connection by providing its users with secure servers and high blazing speed. OysterVPN maintains the connection speed without slowing it down. OysterVPN also connects its users with High optimized servers as well as unlimited Bandwidths. OysterVPN users can securely connect to public Wi-Fi and unsecured hotspots. Furthermore. OysterVPN anonymized its user’s online activities with an untraceable IP address.

The benefits of using UK VPN

Protect your Privacy

Protect your online activity by encrypting it so that no one can monitor or steal your information.

Secure your browsing

OysterVPN lets its users have secure browsing with a no-log policy and doesn’t monitor users’ surfing data when they connect.

Browse Throttle free

ISPs Limit user’s bandwidth on purpose. By using OysterVPN to browse the internet, users can browse throttle free.

Unlimited streaming bandwidth

OysterVPN does not impose any limits on file downloads or uploads. Therefore, Users can download files with no restrictions and limitless bandwidth through OysterVPN.

Hide your IP address

OysterVPN hides its users’ identity, keeps the data private from hackers, and protects users from online attackers.

Safety from Online surveillance

While accessing the web from any place, on any device, users can protect their data and activities with the end-to-end security of OysterVPN.

Channels users can stream with a UK VPN

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

OysterVPN users can now stream and enjoy TV programs they missed and view exclusive content on BBC iPlayer.

Sky go

Sky go

OysterVPN users in UK can now watch live sports, news, box sets, catch-up movies, shows, and entertainment on Sky Go with high-speed internet.



Users can catch up with their favorite TV shows on UK TV now with OysterVPN.

Channel 4

Channel 4

Users in the UK can now watch their Favourite Tv shows, Dramas, and news on Channel 4 due to OysterVPN.

VPN Servers

OysterVPN allows users to connect to numerous devices at the same time. Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, routers, laptops, and other smart devices are also supported by OysterVPN applications. OysterVPN also provides its users with secure VPN servers, which are protected with Military Grade-Security.

How does a UK VPN work?

Users can instantly obtain a UK IP address and access their favorite UK content from anywhere at ultra-fast speeds by utilizing the OysterVPN service. Securing your mobile phone with OysterVPN is just as essential as protecting your laptop or desktop computer. With easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android, OysterVPN keeps customers safe when on the go. Users only need to connect and utilize whether they are using mobile data or public Wi-Fi. OysterVPN protects their internet activities from prying eyes.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, VPNs are legal in UK because they are used for many legitimate reasons, from securing your privacy to accessing your favorite geo-restricted content.

Yes, you can as there are many free VPNs available, but all of them come with the risk of your privacy. So, it’s better to opt for OysterVPN and try out 30-day money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.

Here’s how you can connect to UK server:

  1. Subscribe to OysterVPN.
  2. Download and install the OysterVPN app on your device.
  3. Open OysterVPN and select a location in UK and you are done!

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