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What Is ISP Throttling?

ISP Throttling is a term that is used to describe the practice of artificially slowing down internet speed to discourage data usage.

Your ISP is the traffic cop that monitors all online activities. And it can influence your connection speed if it detects high data usage, especially during peak hours.

How ISP Throttling Affects You

Imagine streaming online after a long and tiring day. You find the perfect movie and you are hooked. But suddenly you seem to be experiencing frequent buffering, which simply spoils the mood.

Your ISP might be throttling your internet connection because it detected high data usage or it may deal with rival platforms to slow down the streaming platform.

What Is Peering?

Peering is the process of connecting and exchanging traffic between two Internet networks. It enables them to pass traffic between each other’s customers without paying a third party to transmit it across the Internet on their behalf.

Peering is mutually advantageous in most cases, but it can pose issues when a popular streaming service drives one ISP to exceed the agreed-upon traffic ratio, causing the other to disregard congestion and refuse to make changes.

Users may be denied the internet speeds they pay for merely because their ISP refuses to address the issue.

Can A VPN Prevent ISP Throttling?

Yes, a VPN can reduce the risk of ISP throttling since your online activities are encrypted. But it cannot completely prevent it. The ISP connects you to the VPN server and it can still see how much bandwidth you consume – just not what you consume.

Frequently asked questions

If you have plenty of bandwidth available on your internet connection and it’s able to handle the demands of the devices present in your household and the slowdown happens during specific hours, it is likely ISP throttling.

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