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Bandwidth Throttling hurts customers.

Although some ISPs can manage the extra bandwidth, some choose to limit content providers’ traffic since it competes with their streaming video libraries. Some ISPs have demanded streaming services to pay a fee to avoid throttling, allowing the ISP to prevent investing in much-needed upgrades. Because ISPs and broadband providers have little opposition, companies may charge customers more for speedier internet.

Your Mobile data can also be Throttled

If your ISP is deliberately throttling you, your mobile data on Android and iOS devices may be threatened. Aside from the typical reasons for your ISP delaying your connection, this form of throttling is intended to persuade mobile users to upgrade to a plan with higher data limits. OysterVPN encrypts users’ internet traffic so that the internet service provider cannot monitor it. If using an OysterVPN boosts users’ internet speed, the ISP will likely throttle users’ connection.

What is peering?

Peering is the process of connecting and exchanging traffic between two Internet networks. It enables them to pass traffic between each other’s customers without paying a third party to transmit it across the Internet on their behalf.

Peering is mutually advantageous in most cases, but it can pose issues when a popular streaming service drives one ISP to exceed the agreed-upon traffic ratio, causing the other to disregard congestion and refuse to make changes.

Users may be denied the internet speeds they pay for merely because their ISP refuses to address the issue.

Can a VPN help with Internet throttling?

OysterVPN will prevent ISP throttling by hiding the data that customers see from their ISP. Because consumers’ ISP cannot limit their internet connection across all services, it will not throttle if it cannot see what they are doing.

Frequently asked questions

ISP throttling is not illegal but the laws might be different from country to country.

Yes, if you are throttling your internet connection it might consume more mobile data. Thus, it is more beneficial for ISP users

You can use a proxy server or buy a better internet package to stop ISP throttling without using a VPN.

You can use the following methods to boost your internet speed:

  1. Use ad blocker
  2. Connect only necessary devices
  3. Use better cabling i.e., fiber optic
  4. Clear your browsing history and cache regularly
  5. Is there a device to stop internet throttling?

Some Wi-Fi devices are said to stop internet throttling, but there has been no real evidence that these devices actually work.

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