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How to set up a VPN to unblock websites

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Download and Install OysterVPN app

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Connect to the OysterVPN’s desired server

Alternative ways to Bypass Website Blocks

Bypass websites Block with a Proxy

Proxy encrypts a user’s connection and allows users to access restricted websites via a network of servers without revealing users’ real IP addresses. It’s similar to a VPN but without security and privacy features.

Using a free proxy has drawbacks, such as free proxies are sometimes overburdened with traffic, making them exceedingly sluggish. As a result, free proxy providers must find a method to repay costs, including selling users’ data or serving users’ ads.

Bypass websites blocked by changing the DNS address

Changing your DNS can let you access blocked websites, but it won’t encrypt your data. This indicates that your connection isn’t safe or confidential. When users access the DNS servers, The servers keep a copy of the user’s data and are not secure to unblock sites.

Bypass websites Blocked by Smart DNS

If users only watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, Smart DNS is the best option. It allows users to access geo-restricted content. However, because it reroutes users’ network requests to a server in a foreign country, this service has a lot in common with OysterVPN technology. Still, it doesn’t have secure servers or Military-grade security like OysterVPN. Put another way. It hides your real location so you can access the information without any privacy guaranteed.

Bypass websites Blocks with Tor

Connecting using Tor is another option to gain access to restricted sites while also increasing your privacy. Some websites, however, ban Tor, and some networks refuse to let users download the Tor browser. Users can also encounter poor speeds. However, users can unblock sites easily with OysterVPN, which also promises the safety of its users.

Internet with No Limit

OysterVPN provides its users with secure and private access to the internet with fast blazing speed and no bandwidth.

Ultimate privacy and Security

OysterVPN provide its users with Privacy and Security. It uses Military-grade security and protects the user’s data from hackers. Furthermore, OysterVPN protects its user’s data with 256-Bit AES encryption trusted by security professionals worldwide. OysterVPN users can Access their favourite content free of censorship.

Multiple Devices Supported

OysterVPN supports Multiple devices and is compatible with macOS, IOS, Windows, Browsers, Windows, Android, Amazon Fire Stick, Linux, Routers. OysterVPN is a reliable VPN and assures the safety and privacy of its users.

Frequently asked questions

Follow these easy steps to get started:

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You won’t have to worry about censorships because OysterVPN’s highly optimised servers come with unlimited bandwidth and 24 hours live chat support, allowing you to easily access any streaming website.

Yes, using OysterVPN to unblock streaming websites is completely legal as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal and aren’t in a country where using a VPN is outlawed.

Yes, OysterVPN allows you to unblock your favourite streaming website on any device and connect to up to {{ devices_count }} devices at once.