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OysterVPN is For Privacy and Freedom

Unblock Websites

From unblocking websites and streaming platforms like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, and many more to secure and anonymous web browsing get it all with OysterVPN.

Bypass Censorship

Are you living somewhere with strict internet restrictions? OysterVPN can bypass censorship instantly. So, whether you live in North Korea, China, or anywhere, you can connect your device with OyserVPN to kickstart restriction-free internet access anytime.

Hide Your Activities

Although most of the web today uses HTTPS for end-to-end encryption, it does not protect your DNS queries. OysterVPN encrypts your message and its destination address to give you complete privacy while browsing.

Pair OysterVPN With Tor

The Onion network gives you a great deal of anonymity over the internet. OysterVPN works with Tor Browser to get you even more anonymity online for matters that need the most privacy.

No Boundaries

Experience complete freedom when you connect to OysterVPN. Access the content you love from anywhere in the world.

Best Security

Protect your data with OysterVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption that prevents any hacker or ISP from seeing your internet activity.

Use Multiple Devices

OysterVPN allows you to connect your favorite devices and use them simultaneously with a single account.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! OysterVPN spoofs your IP address to give you access any streaming website instantly.
Some countries like the UAE and China have strict rules against the use of VPN. In such countries, using tools like a VPN to encrypt and bypass censorship has been deemed illegal.
If you are connected to the VPN and cannot browse the internet, the ISP may be blocking the VPN connecting. Try switching to a different VPN protocol.