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Why Are Websites Blocked On This Internet Connection?

There are many reasons why apps and websites are blocked in certain locations. Schools, offices, and government organizations need to maintain network security and avoid distractions for students or employees so they put up internet firewalls. Users who don’t know how to bypass blocked sites get stuck without any alternatives.

So how can I unblock a website without compromising my device security, you wonder? That’s why you need to have a VPN unblocker like OysterVPN on your device at all times. Wherever you are, even with a restricted wifi connection, unblocking websites will be quick and easy.

OysterVPN for Privacy and Freedom

There are unlimited reasons for blocking websites- one website unblocker fixes them all.

Unblock Websites on the Go

Stream what you want from anywhere you want. OysterVPN brings you the content you crave from your favorite streaming platforms like Hulu, Max, Netflix, and Disney Plus.

Bypass Censorship

Watch, listen, and share with millions across the web as OysterVPN transports you virtually around the globe. Get news in real time without third-party censorship. Find communities, get informed, and make your impression online as you unblock everything with OysterVPN.

Hide Your Activities

Tired of being tracked by social media apps and websites? Now you can easily keep everyone’s nose out of your online activities. OysterVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption gives you the foolproof protection against internet surveillance that plain HTTPS cannot.

Pair OysterVPN with TOR

Fans of internet anonymity can enjoy the advanced privacy features of the TOR browser paired with the security capabilities of OysterVPN. Achieve the pinnacle of online security with the TOR-OysterVPN combo on your device.

No Boundaries

Access the content you love from anywhere in the world. An internet without borders, that’s the power of OysterVPN.

Best in Security

Get military-grade encryption for your personal use with OysterVPN’s AES 256-bit protection against hackers and ISP surveillance.

Use Multiple Devices

Share the goodness of web unblockers with OysterVPN. A single subscription can be used on five devices at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! OysterVPN spoofs your IP address to give you access to any streaming website instantly.
Some countries like the UAE and China have strict rules against the use of VPNs. In such countries, using tools like a VPN to encrypt and bypass censorship has been deemed illegal.
If you are connected to the VPN and cannot browse the internet, the ISP may be blocking the VPN connection. Try switching to a different VPN protocol or turn off the VPN and reconnect to a different server.