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Check if your DNS queries are getting leaked

Your DNS Requests Are Exposed!

The test runs multiple queries to see if your DNS requests are getting leaked.

Your internet service provider can see every website and app you use if you use its DNS service. Get OysterVPN for privacy on the web.

What Is DNS?

Domain Name System works as a phone book for the internet. It looks up the websites you request and returns the correct IP address for that domain.

DNS allows a human-friendly name to represent an alphanumeric string of characters. A DNS server will translate the domain name into an IP address that your device can connect to.

What Does a DNS Leak Mean For You?

A DNS leak is when your DNS query goes to the ISP's DNS server instead of the VPN server's. It is a vulnerability in software that reveals your web activity to the ISP.

DNS queries are requests for domain name translation. Your DNS queries will always be handled by the ISP when you are connected to OysterVPN.

How OysterVPN Protects Against DNS Leaks

OysterVPN is built to prevent DNS leaks. Our VPN software is programmed to use our DNS servers instead. We have made sure that the operating system does not override its DNS servers.

A kill switch protects your activity from leaking out if the VPN connection breaks.