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Why Is a VPN for Streaming Needed?

Due to licensing issues, digital streaming platforms are either unavailable or geo-restricted to hide select content in some countries. If Netflix has a license to stream a TV show or any other content to its US audience only, it becomes obligatory for them to make it inaccessible to the rest of the world. Similarly, Disney Plus was available in a few countries only at launch until it started expanding to more countries.

The Best VPN for Streaming

Bypasses Geo-Restrictions

Connecting to a VPN spoofs your IP address with your desired location. With OysterVPN, you can watch and live stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and other programs by changing your virtual location instantly.

Delivers True Online Freedom

There is no such thing as limitations with OysterVPN. Get around censorship to access the content you love. OysterVPN is the best VPN for streaming that gives you the freedom to use multiple devices simultaneously with an unlimited data policy.

Enhances Living Room Entertainment

Access your favorite streaming platforms from the comfort of your living room! Connect your Smart TV or streaming device with OysterVPN and enjoy watching your favorite streaming sites with your family.

Protects Your Privacy

OysterVPN hides your IP location and passes your data through a safe and secure tunnel, making it quite impossible for anyone to track and decipher your information.

Defeats Online Surveillance

Digital surveillance is rampant today, and it is invasive to your privacy. Something that no one can ever support. OysterVPN's encryption prevents your data from being monitored or tracked by governments and ISPs.

How to Set Up OysterVPN for Streaming


Join OysterVPN


Download and install the VPN.


Connect to a VPN server for streaming.

How a VPN for Streaming Works

By Changing the IP Address

Your IP address is the digital address for sending and receiving traffic. Using remote VPN servers, OysterVPN routes your network traffic to hide your IP address from the destination. You can access any streaming service - such as Hulu - by simply changing your IP address.

By Encrypting Your Traffic

In some situations, the streaming services could be blocked in your country. OysterVPN can bypass that firewall restriction by encrypting network traffic, including the DNS queries, thereby preventing the ISP from blocking your access to the streaming services.

Everything That You Need In A VPN

5 Devices Simulatanouesly


Use up to devices simultaneously with a single OysterVPN subscription.

Unlimited Bandwidht

Unlimited Data

Get zero restrictions on data consumption for browsing, streaming, and playing games online.

Lighting Fast Speed

Fast Servers

OysterVPN offers high-speed servers for the best browsing and streaming experience.

24 hour Chat Support

24/7 Customer Support

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via live chat and email for you.

Defeat ISP Throttling

Defeat ISP Throttling

Reduce the risk of ISP throttling by hiding your web activity with OysterVPN's encryption.

Content From Anywhere

Stream Anywhere

Unblock any streaming service from anywhere in the world on any device.

servers in countries and growing

We made our VPN servers available in popular destinations of the world.