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This affiliate policy defines the agreement between OysterVPN (also described as “the service ”, “we”) based in Irelands at the address “ Unit 80 Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate, Dublin, D10 NX96” and OysterVPN affiliates (also described as “you”, “partner”, “partners”).

The policy defines the terms and conditions for participating affiliates that join OysterVPN's affiliate program for the purpose of promoting OysterVPN (also described as “the service”).

All affiliates must read the affiliate policy carefully and agree to the affiliate policy in its entirety. Joining the OysterVPN affiliate program shall signal your acceptance of its privacy policy.

The affiliate policy will be updated from time to time. Your continued partnership as an OysterVPN affiliate shall constitute your consent to the latest affiliate policy. No other version of the affiliate policy will be applicable other than the one defined here.

This affiliate policy was last updated on:January 27, 2023

Affiliate Eligibility

If you run a blog, website, YouTube TV channel, review, and comparison website, or have the capacity to advertise digitally through a network of affiliates, you can be part of the OysterVPN affiliate program.

You must have legal control over the platform(s) on which you wish to promote OysterVPN. Joining the affiliate program entails that you possess ownership or

authority to promote OysterVPN on the platform(s) and you will be held liable for breach of this affiliate policy.

How To Join the OysterVPN Affiliate Program

You can join the affiliate program through our portal. You will be required to enter your information and submit an application. We will manually review the application and approve based on eligibility.

We reserve the right of admission and your application can be rejected without explanation.

Being rejected once does not disqualify you from applying to the program again.

Your Responsibilities

As an affiliate of OysterVPN, you must follow these guidelines:

  • You must share accurate information while signing up for the OysterVPN affiliate program.
  • Do not promote or sell OysterVPN through deceptive ways, including but not limited to advertising features that are beyond the scope of the service.
  • As an affiliate, you must promote OysterVPN in good faith.
  • Do not engage in spamming online forums and comment sections of websites that could result in OysterVPN being banned on the platforms.
  • Always use creative assets (such as banners, logos, and videos) shared by OysterVPN. Do not use assets that have not been approved by OysterVPN.
  • You shall not modify the creative assets approved by OysterVPN.
  • You shall not use the creative assets shared by OysterVPN other than to promote OysterVPN.
  • If you are an agency with a network of affiliates, it will be your responsibility to manage the affiliates as per the terms described in this affiliate policy.
  • You shall not use the creative assets of other brands to promote OysterVPN.
  • You shall not use the creative assets of other brands to promote OysterVPN.
  • You shall not attempt to modify, copy, resell, or repackage OysterVPN.
  • Self-purchases through the affiliate link are strictly prohibited. You shall not also use VPNs to make purchases. We will not consider sales made through the IP address that was used to log in to the affiliate dashboard.
  • Promoting OysterVPN on websites that contain illegal and objectionable content, such as but not limited to, hate speech, pornographic material, and copyright material is strictly not allowed.
  • A high number of chargebacks can lead to suspension or termination from the affiliate program.

Commission Structure

OysterVPN currently offers three subscription plans: 1-Month, 6-Month, and 1-Year.

Our commission structure is as follows:

  • 1-Month – 100% on first sale (no commission for recurring subscriptions)
  • 6-Month – 40% on first sale (30% on recurring subscriptions)
  • 1-Year – 40% on first sale (40% on recurring subscriptions)

Commission Payout

We pay after 35-40 business days. For example, if you made your first sale on the 5th of the month, the payout will happen the following month after 35-40 business days from that day.

Payouts will be made through PayPal or bank transfer. The minimum payout is $1000.

Confidentiality Agreement

You agree not to share OysterVPN's business details, business practices, marketing information, marketing techniques, and any other type of information that comes as a benefit of being an affiliate of OysterVPN.

By agreeing to the affiliate policy, you understand that all such information is the sole property of OysterVPN and is made available for the time you remain an affiliate

You agree that OysterVPN may offer different deals or cheaper deals to other affiliates.

Providing deals to affiliates will be at the sole discretion of OysterVPN.

You understand that you will be held liable for any damages that occur to OysterVPN by your sharing of confidential information.

Affiliate Management

You can upgrade your plan anytime or buy another subscription to extend your existing OysterVPN subscription.


There will be a designated affiliate agent who will be your point of contact throughout your relationship with OysterVPN as an affiliate. All relevant queries, negotiations, and disputes shall be handled by the agent.

Changes to the Affiliate Program

OysterVPN reserves the right to change any terms, including the affiliate commission structure, outlined in this affiliate policy at any time. You understand that any terms applicable at one point in time do not guarantee the perpetuity of the said terms.

No other version of the affiliate program will be applicable other than the one defined here. You have the right to leave the affiliate program if you do not agree with the affiliate policy.