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How to set up a VPN on Smart TVs

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Download and Install OysterVPN Smart TV App

Download and Install OysterVPN Smart TV App

Now click “Connect” to the Smart TV application

Now click “Connect” to the Smart TV application

Why do you need to use a VPN on Smart TVs?

The speed with which your ISP and its content are streamed. In addition, OysterVPN may access various streaming services and entertainment on your Smart TV while maintaining an independent spying perspective. As a result, OysterVPN is the greatest VPN to keep your digital identity protected and secure.

Why should you use OysterVPN?

Streaming is one of the fascinating features of OysterVPN. It aids in the avoidance of common limitations like streaming, geo-blocking, and limitless bandwidth. It also hides your IP address and changes your geographic location. With OysterVPN, both you and your Internet provider enjoy a secure connection. OysterVPN employs strange IPs to prevent external snooping on internet traffic. In addition, it safeguards your Wi-Fi, monitors your information in your region, and ensures that your online activities are kept private.

Stunning Features Of OysterVPN

Have a look into the security features of OysterVPN, designed to ensure you ultimate digital freedom.

Simultaneous Connections

Share your OysterVPN account with your friends and family as it allows multi logins.


Enjoy hassle free browsing and streaming with our Ad-blocker feature.

AES 256-bit encryption

Secure your traffic with OysterVPN military-grade encryption and stay safe from spying eyes.

DNS Leak Protection

Your anonymity matters, which is why OysterVPN guarantees DNS leak protection.

ISP Throttling

Bypass ISP Throttling and enjoy true digital freedom. Enjoy seamless speeds for streaming.

IPV6 Leak Protection

IPv6 leak protection feature saves the IP address of your devices.

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