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Using Chromecast With A VPN: Virtual Router

A virtual router is considered to be the best solution for uninterrupted streaming on Chromecast. Follow these steps and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

  • Download OysterVPN.
  • Subscribe to a payment plan
  • Login using the credentials.
  • Connect to the US server.
  • Enjoy!

Using Chromecast With A VPN: Physical Router

You can also install OysterVPN on your router directly to get the full benefit of a VPN. Here is what you will need to do.

  • Identify the type of router.
  • Check if it is compatible with OysterVPN.
  • Sign up and follow the guidelines mentioned on your VPN router to set up the router.
  • Connect to the US server and follow the screen directions.
  • Enjoy!

Why You Need OysterVPN For Your Chromecast

If you want to enjoy your favorite content on Chromecast, OysterVPN is your best VPN choice. Here is why:

Blazing Speed

With thousands of servers operating in multiple locations, there is no shortage of servers ensuring that you enjoy the content without any buffering.

As OysterVPN does not slow down your internet speed, you can enjoy almost any title without any interruption or error.

No Data Caps

Because there is only so much bandwidth available, carriers may be forced to impose data limitations in order to keep everyone happy and connected.

With OysterVPN, you don't have to worry about data caps and enjoy unlimited titles to your heart's content.

Safe & Secure

OysterVPN provides you with military-grade encryption ensuring the most secure and safest connection.

Connect To The United States Servers Easily

Connecting to United States server has just become the easiest thing possible. All you have to do is:


Subscribe To OysterVPN


Login Using The Credentials


Connect To The United States Server

Setting Up A Virtual Router For Windows 10

Follow the below steps to set up a virtual router for Windows 10, if you are still having any difficulty, we are here to help.

Chromecast And VPN: Other Benefits

Though the above-mentioned benefits are enough to lure anyone, here are the additional benefits if you need further convincing.

Overcome censorship

Overcome Censorship

Now you can bypass the geo-restriction barrier easily and watch anything anywhere regardless of your physical location.

Stream in privacy

Stream In Privacy

Only you have the right to access your streaming history and OysterVPN makes sure that no one else can check what you are watching.

Avoid internet throttling

Avoid Internet Throttling

As your IP address changes, internet throttling by your ISP seems like a forgotten nightmare.

OysterVPN Features

Gaming is intense and you should solely focus on the game, not on other issues. This is the main reason you should connect to a VPN service so no one knows your real identity or location. Here are the additional benefits of gaming with a VPN.

5 Devices Simulatanouesly

10 Devices Simultaneously

OysterVPN users can connect 5 devices with one OysterVPN subscription.

Unlimited Bandwidht

Unlimited Bandwidth

OysterVPN encrypts the internet traffic and provides its users with unlimited Bandwidths.

Lighting Fast Speed

Lighting Fast Speed

OysterVPN's Lightning-fast speed is optimized to work seamlessly with streaming services.

24 hour Chat Support

24-Hour Chat Service

OysterVPN 24-hour chat service helps users with problems like troubleshooting or other queries of users.

Defeat ISP Throttling

Defeat ISP Throttling

OysterVPN gives access to buffer-free browsing to its users by defeating ISP throttling.

Content From Anywhere

Content From Anywhere

OysterVPN users can access apps, streaming services, websites from anywhere in the world.

Servers And Countries Table

OysterVPN provides its users with military-grade secure servers and with over servers from 17+ countries in the world.