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Safe Servers Security Only With OysterVPN

With OysterVPN's Safe Servers feature, you can browse, stream or torrent without any worries of data tracking, leaks, or being exposed. We have developed this feature to completely eliminate the risks present due to the way the VPN servers traditionally work.

Following are some of the key things that the Safe Servers feature ensures:

  • Safe Servers do not operate on Hard Drives, which is why no user activity is recorded.
  • It runs completely on volatile memory i.e., RAMs, which is why the data is flushed the moment you reboot.
  • Due to its unique mechanism, it offers high-speed uploading and downloading.
  • OysterVPN values user privacy and safety, thus we do not keep any logs.
  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and impeccable security through Safe Servers.

Benefits Of Safe Servers

No Use of Hard Drives

No Use Of Hard Drives

Unlike traditional servers, we do not use hard drives to run our servers. That is why no data is stored and users' data and privacy are protected.

Runs on Volatile Memory Only

Runs On Volatile Memory Only

Our servers operate on RAMs only. All the activity and data are wiped clean on every reboot.

Highly Optimized Servers

Highly Optimized Servers

Safe Servers provide unlimited bandwidth and connect instantly. Users get to enjoy seamless browsing and streaming experience.

Security and Privacy

Security And Privacy

We do not keep any logs, nor do we track user activity. We ensure users' privacy and safety are intact.

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