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How IP Works

An IP network employs an address block, a continuous set of IPv6 addresses of a power of two. The first set of bits in an address is the same for all hosts in a given network and are referred to as the network's address or routing prefix. CIDR notation is used to represent network address ranges. Because an IP address has not been assigned, the IP address from the Ethernet setup is set for a Static address of an Ethernet interface. The DHCPv6 server keeps a database of leased IPv6 addresses and assigns an unused IPv6 address to each user.

How OysterVPN Helps You From Leaks

The majority of VPN users across the world experience IPv6 address leaks. This breach exposes your online identity and web traffic to the rest of the globe. An IP leak occurs discreetly and exposes your privacy; thus, even if you feel safe when connected to your VPN service, we recommend doing an IPv6 leak test to ensure that you are truly protected. Fortunately, OysterVPN software can help you avoid this problem by providing comprehensive security against IPv6 and IPv4 address leaks over a secure connection. OysterVPN software protects your online identity by offering the greatest security features for IPv4 and IPv6 on your internet connection.

These include preventing your IP from leaking on the web, ensuring that your web traffic remains private and secure while you browse the web. These include keeping your IPv6 address from dripping on the internet and ensuring that your web traffic stays private and safe as you surf the internet. OysterVPN provides IPv6 leak prevention to provide total online anonymity. The function protects your internet traffic from hackers, trackers, and other snooping entities. Unfortunately, like most websites, most VPNs suffer from IPv6 leak vulnerabilities, which disclose the true online identity of the person using the VPN to anybody, as determined by a leak test.

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