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How can DNS leak Impact you?

  • Third parties may intercept any user’s internet traffic sent over the usual, unencrypted channel.
  • This includes their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or DNS provider, who would be able to monitor what websites you visit, what services you use, and so on.
  • Furthermore, you won’t even be aware of it unless users do a specific DNS leak test, such as the one given here.
  • It’s a VPN security test because a service that won’t properly redirect all of your traffic isn’t as secure as it should be.
  • As a result, it’s recommended to use OysterVPN, which includes DNS leak prevention.

How I can test my VPN for Leaks

Step 1

Step 1

Navigate to the DNS leak test webpage. It not only allows you to check for leaks in your VPN connection, but it also suggests ways to fix any leaks you find.

Step 2

Step 2

While utilizing a VPN, check if the given IP address and location match your real ones. If this is the case, you are either not using a VPN, or your VPN service is not functioning properly.

Step 3

Step 3

To check the status of your DNS, choose Standard or Extended Test. If you’re connected to a VPN server, your traffic is secure, and the VPN leak test reveals DNS servers that aren’t associated with your actual ISP.

How OysterVPN protects your leaks

When users connect to OysterVPN, their device only connects to OysterVPN’s DNS servers. All DNS requests are sent over an encrypted tunnel and resolved by the same OysterVPN server you are connected to. Users never have to worry about their information leaking or being spied on by third parties this way.

Free DNS Vs. VPN with private DNS

The major difference between a VPN and a Free DNS service is privacy. Even though both technologies enable users to access geo-restricted material, only OysterVPN encrypts your Internet connection, conceals your IP address, and protects your online privacy while you browse the internet.

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