How to Watch Paramount+ Outside the US

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Paramount+ is the streaming service started by the CBS network, one of the three main national networks in the US (the others being NBC and ABC). Paramount+ started as CBS All Access in 2014, a launch that coincided with the much-celebrated release of Star Trek: Discovery.

Since 2021, it was rebranded to Paramoutn+ to give on-demand access to subscribers and live streaming of CBS shows. And there sure is a lot of great programming like Yellowstone and the renewal of the legendary sitcom Frasier.

What’s great about Paramount+ is that it is a streaming service packaged with live broadcasts of NFL and NCAA games. The CBS network has exclusive rights to many of these tournaments within North America so Paramount+ subscribers can enjoy them too.

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Why Is Paramount+ Blocked?

Because of copyright and licensing restrictions, CBS only shows Paramount+ in the US and its territories (excluding Puerto Rico). The streaming service is available in 20 other European countries through the joint Sky Showtime Network. However, even then, the available shows are not the same as in the US.

The service adheres to territorial restrictions and often shows that are available in the US are unavailable in other locations. For viewers interested in the live programming available on Paramount Plus in the US, the international library seems very limited in comparison.

Why do you need a VPN for Paramount Plus outside the USA?

As we mentioned above, Paramount+ is a geo-restricted streaming service limited mostly to audiences in the United States. However, this viewing hurdle is easily crossed with the use of a dedicated streaming tool like OysterVPN.

A VPN is a software or app that, once installed on your device such as a phone or TV, can give you access to online content that is blocked in your location. By connecting to a server located in a particular region, a user can access the online content exclusive to that region.

Why Use OysterVPN to Unblock Paramount Plus?

Streaming should be an enjoyable experience and reliably so. Every time you settle in for a much-anticipated live game or a binge-watch session, there should be no chance of buffering streams or poor video quality.

That’s why OysterVPN has optimized streaming servers as part of its wider server network. Dedicated streaming servers provide an enhanced streaming experience to OysterVPN users. Located in the US, among other regions, our streaming servers can unlock streaming platforms like Paramount+ from anywhere in the world.

But the value doesn’t end there. OysterVPN’s fully compatible apps for laptops, phones, TVs, and tablets give users the freedom of online privacy. Connect with a single click or tap and join your very own AES 256-bit encrypted network for internet traffic.

Be assured that your online activities are for your eyes only as OysterVPN’s security protocols take care of the tracking and snooping sides of the internet. A single subscription account will extend this protection to five devices simultaneously with no bandwidth limits.

OysterVPN is the best streaming tool for the enthusiastic binge-watcher and privacy-conscious user.

How to Sign Up to Paramount Plus

If you are outside the United States, Subscribing to Paramount Plus takes a few steps:

  1. Subscribe to OysterVPN.
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Purchase a Paramount+ Gift Card (available on the Paramount Plus website and online retailers).
  4. Connect to a US Server from OysterVPN.
  5. Sign Up for Paramount+ (Do this from the website. Make sure you are connected to the US server before this step).
  6. Start watching Paramount Plus outside the US!

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What Are the Subscription Plans for Paramount+?

Paramount Plus offers a combination of on-demand programming, CBS local TV channels, and live sports broadcasts. In addition, it collaborates with the Showtime Network for streaming shows from both platforms.

What you can watch depends on the plan you have which is described below:

Paramount+ Essential:

  • Price: $5.99/month or $59.99*/year
  • Ad-supported

This plan gives viewers access to the online library of Paramount+ with thousands of hours of content. The plan shows ads and does not include the local CB channel. However, live broadcasts of NFL and UEFA league games are included with this plan.

Paramount+ with Showtime:

  • Price: $11.99/month or $119.99/year
  • Ad-free except during live TV

As the name suggests, this plan includes Showtime Network’s shows, such as the award-winning Yellowjackets, as well as the entire library of Paramount+ content. Viewers also get their local CBS channel and the live sports feeds that come with the Essential plan.

Paramount Plus Free Trial:

New subscribers can enjoy a seven-day free trial when they sign up for the Parmount+ service via the website or the app. Login details such as email and payment details such as credit card information will be required at the time of sign-up.

Watch Paramount Plus on Multiple Devices Outside the US

With OysterVPN, you can retain access to Paramount Plus even while traveling. Both the VPN and the streaming service are available on the following devices:


Paramount Plus is available in 20 countries outside the US through the Sky Showtime network.

Yes, Paramount Plus has ads based on the subscription plan. The Essential plan is ad-supported but it has fewer ads than the TV channel. The Showtime plan has no ads except for during live broadcasts.

No, you cannot use your Paramount Plus account outside US territories. To access Paramount Plus in Europe, check if you are in one of the twenty European countries where Paramount+ is available through the Sky Network is available.

Paramount Plus is available in the US and its territories excluding Puerto Rico. In Europe, the service is available on the Sky Showtime Network in Albania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Paramount Plus is restricted by copyright and licensing agreements to only allow streaming in certain regions of the world including the United States.

No, apart from the US, Paramount Plus is available in 21 European countries via the Sky Showtime Network.

VPN use is not illegal in most countries in the world. To ensure the legality of VPN usage in your country, check local laws before conducting online activities with a VPN.

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