How To Watch IPL 2024 Live Stream Outside India

Catch IPL 2024 Live Online From Anywhere to Everywhere
Get ready for the most explosive cricket tournament on the planet. As the Indian Premier League 2024 kicks off, watch IPL outside India live and clear in a few simple steps.

It’s that time of year again when gladiators of the Cricket world descend upon India to flex their skills in front of roaring crowds. The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is the most glamorous cricket tournament in the world with high stakes and supreme talent on display.

If you’re not in India for the action, don’t worry. We are here to usher you to your virtual seat in the stands so you don’t miss out on the cricketing event of the season. Get ready to watch the IPL outside India in a few simple steps.

Watch IPL Outside India With OysterVPN

Follow the simple steps below and join the IPL extravaganza from your device:

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Why Do You Need a VPN To Watch IPL Outside India?

Because the entire tournament is held in India, IPL matches are broadcast through local Indian channels and online platforms. These are blocked to viewers in other locations such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and South Africa to name a few.

The reasons for not allowing viewers outside India to watch these streams is because of geo-restrictions and licensing agreements. So if you are not within India for the tournament, even for home viewing you’re all out of luck.

Unless, of course, you use a VPN.

Why Is OysterVPN Best for Watching IPL From Anywhere?

Picture yourself on the edge of your seat as your team is playing a nail-biter in the final over. As the bowler strides in for the run-up, the image freezes and you’re left helplessly yelling at your screen. This is a nightmare scenario for any cricket fan and it is thoroughly avoided with the use of OysterVPN.

Through rigorous testing, we have meticulously designed a service that delivers a superb streaming experience. With OysterVPN, you can be assured of quick connectivity, fast and stable speeds, and impenetrable IP masking capabilities.

Add to that our dedicated streaming servers, including in India, and you will immediately notice a difference compared to other services. Of course, there are even more benefits that come standard with your OysterVPN subscription.

All plans come with unlimited bandwidth which is ideal for streaming high-quality video and audio. Our AES 256-bit encryption and Wireguard security protocols ensure that your online activities are only your business. Enjoy the full-feature VPN suite on 5 devices simultaneously with a single account.

What Is the 2024 IPL Schedule?

The 2024 IPL season will run from 22 March to 26 May. The full IPL 2024 schedule includes seventy-four matches in total.

Who Won the IPL Last Year?

The Chennai Super Kings won the 16th Edition of the IPL when they beat the Gujarat Titans in the final held on 28 May 2023. This year it is the 17th edition of the tournament and we will see on the full IPL 2024 points table if CSK wins the title for a sixth time. We can be sure that all ten teams in the IPL will battle the hardest to win glory and wealth.

Where Can I Watch the IPL Ceremony?

The IPL opening ceremony is one of the biggest celebrations of the cricketing calendar complete with costumes, music, and fireworks. You can watch the live stream of the IPL opening ceremony 2024 on the JioCinema app. If you don’t have an Indian IP address though, the app will block you from accessing the live stream.

Where Can I Watch IPL in the US and Canada?

You can watch the IPL 2024 in the US on the subscription-based streaming service SlingTV. To get IPL matches, you will have to purchase the $10/month Willow TV add-on with your SlingTV plan.

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Where Can I Watch IPL in Australia?

To watch IPL matches in Australia, you need a Kayo Sports subscription which costs between AUD 25 to 35 a month. Kayo Sports is a streaming platform that provides both live sports channels and on-demand sports content on digital.

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Where Can I Watch IPL in the UK and Ireland?

IPL matches are broadcast in the UK on the Sky Sports network, the Sky Cricket channel, and the Sky Go streaming app. If you are within the UK and Northern Ireland, you can subscribe to all twelve Sky Sports channels through the NOW platform for £35/month.

Other subscription variations don’t require such a big commitment. The £12 Day Pass lets you watch the match of the day during the IPL, and the £18 per month subscription to Sky Football lets you watch just the IPL final live.

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Your IPL 2024 Live Stream Questions Answered:

You can watch IPL outside India by logging in to OysterVPN and connecting to an Indian server. OysterVPN has dedicated streaming servers in India.

You can watch IPL through a VPN by connecting to an Indian server. This will change your IP location to India and you will be able to access IPL live streams.

You can watch IPL in Europe through streaming services such as Yupp TV. You will have to separately subscribe to this service to watch their content.

The JioCinema app shows the IPL for free to viewers within India. If you connect to the Indian streaming server of OysterVPN you can update your IP location to that of India.

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