OysterVPN Comes to Edge with Launch of Browser Extension

The New Add-on Can Be Found in the Edge Extensions Home
Fortify your browsing experience with the best VPN for Edge. The OysterVPN add-on for Edge is now available for download.

Microsoft’s flagship browser can now be secured with OysterVPN’s add-on for Edge. OysterVPN has delivered its high-end security features to cater to the growing number of users attracted to the browser’s experimental new features.

Edge is the built-in browser for PC and laptop devices that run on the Windows operating system. Although a Microsoft property, Edge is a Chromium-based browser meaning it carries inherent memory usage and tracking concerns for privacy-centric users.

The browser comes with the Secure Network feature, a severely limited answer to a VPN that sets download limits and doesn’t allow server location choice. It also only works when the user is signed in nullifying the privacy factor.

OysterVPN’s add-on for Edge brings its signature security capabilities in a lightweight extension. Quick installation and one-click activation sets the user up for more internet freedom. Multiple server locations worldwide allow users to choose which online content to unblock.

OysterVPN’s Edge add-on gives unlimited bandwidth in a subscription that supports simultaneous logins on 5 devices. As a welcome gift to new users, OysterVPN has offered a promotional Lifetime Access Deal for just $49.99.

The OysterVPN Add-on for the Edge Browser can be downloaded from the Edge Extensions Home where users can also find permission and purchase details.

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