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Track down the sender of an email

How To Track Down the Sender of an Email

Looking for an email sender's IP address for privacy reasons can help you track down the sender's identity, report phishing attacks, to see if the...

How to stay safe on social media

How To Stay Safe On Social Media — 9 Easy Ways

Due to the rapid rise in social media attacks, implementing privacy measures to stay safe on social media has become more vital than before. A...

How to secure your wi-fi network at home

How To Make Your Home Wi-Fi More Secure?

Home Wi-Fi security is crucial to protect your sensitive data. An infected and hacked Wi-Fi router can give authority to cybercriminals for hideous...

How to access mcdonald's free wifi network safety

How to Access McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi Safely?

We all love freebies, and when it is free internet, who resists? McDonald’s has one of the best free WiFi conveniences at their global outlets....

How to prevent phishing attacks

What Are Phishing Attacks And How You Can Prevent Them

Did you know that Phishing has become a profitable business? The latest estimation shows that the internet is bombarded with 157 million phishing...

What is malware and how to protect against malware attacks

What is Malware And How To Protect Yourself

Malware is a cyber threat that aims to obtain unauthorized access, infect, demolish, disrupt, and steal user data. Malware is prevalent globally....

How to remove personal information from the internet

How To Remove PersonaI Information From The Internet

Do you want to erase your existence from the internet? If yes, then it is possible. Whether it is your sensitive information, photos, social media...

How to prevent spam emails

How To Stop Receiving Spam Emails?

Spam emails have become a common threat that we often receive in our inboxes. These unsolicited emails usually come from illegitimate sources that...

Is facebook blocked at your school?

Unblock Facebook At Your Work And School

If the organization you are working with has blocked access and you don't have any idea how to access Facebook at work or school then this is the...


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