How to Unblock and Watch beIN Sports From Anywhere

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Enjoy the thrills of live sports, get the best analysis, and witness the glory of your favorite players. Here's how to watch beIN Sports anywhere with OysterVPN.

beIN Sports is a Qatar-based sports broadcasting channel that has the rights to show leading football (soccer) tournaments as well as rugby (league), cricket, motorsport, and more. The network is available in five languages in limited regions worldwide.

With the rights to the most spectacular sports events of the year, beIN Sports is the one-stop destination for fans to catch their favorite players in high-quality video. Let OysterVPN be your key to watch beIN Sports from anywhere.

How to Watch beIN Sports from Anywhere in 4 Easy Steps

Follow these simple steps to get beIN Sports right where you are:

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch beIN Sports?

Top-level sports is a lucrative business so networks are always battling other networks for broadcasting rights. Companies pay millions for the rights to show live matches to their subscribers. These deals also include strict controls over where these matches can be broadcast.

Because of these copyright and licensing agreements, beIN Sports is blocked in most countries outside of the MENA region and has limited operations in the US, Oceania, and the Far East.

If you are outside these regions, or if you want the full beIN experience outside the MENA region, you will unfortunately receive the dreaded blank screen of geo-restrictions. However, there is a simple solution to get beIN Sports wherever you are and that’s via a VPN.

Why is OysterVPN the best VPN to watch beIN Sports?

Online content is blocked because sites and apps have access to a visitor’s location information. This data cannot be blocked just by conventional methods like Incognito Mode. A VPN is what you need as it allows you to set your online location to where you want.

OysterVPN is not just fully capable of IP masking, the method of updating online locations, but also great for streaming. Live broadcasts are notorious for buffering and low video quality. OysterVPN has dedicated streaming servers that avoid both these issues to give crystal clear and lag-free streaming quality.

Moreover, the security and privacy benefits of OysterVPN are huge as every online activity is encrypted to prevent tracking. Our large server network has locations all over the globe that open up a world of online freedom for users. Unlimited bandwidth usage on up to five devices simultaneously makes OysterVPN the unbeatable option.

If you want to watch beIN Sports from anywhere, OysterVPN is the best choice as it favors entertainment and security at the same time.

How to Subscribe to beIN Sports?

Follow the steps below to subscribe to beIN Sports through their website:

  1. Open the OysterVPN app and connect to a server in the UAE*.
  2. Open the beIN Sports website on a new browser window.
  3. Click on the packages button at the top.
  4. Choose a country and then click Next.
  5. Click on the Subscribe button.
  6. Enter your payment details. You can use PayPal or a bank card.
  7. Enter your login details and complete the process.

*beIN Sports Connect is available in the MENA region.

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How Much Does beIN Sports Cost?

beIN Sports has different subscription packages for different regions. Their most comprehensive service is offered in the MENA region.


beIN Sports is available in 22 countries in the Middle East and Africa region where the network offers three types of plans- Together, Premium, and Ultimate in ascending order of cost.

Subscription package rates vary depending on the country. For example, the Together monthly package in the UAE costs $13 per month, whereas in Djibouti it costs $7 per month.

For a complete list of subscription plans, visit the beIN Sports website for MENA and select your desired country from the list under ‘Packages’.

Other Countries:

  • US: beIN Sports is available in the United States through cable providers and streaming services such as Fubo, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Dish TV, Fanatiz, and Spectrum.
  • Australia: You can subscribe to beIN Sports in Australia for AU$ 14.99 per month or AU$ 149.99 annually.
  • Malaysia: In Malaysia, beIN Sports only offers an annual plan for RM229/year. Payment is possible via bank card only.
  • Hong Kong: The monthly plan for beIN Sports costs HK$ 228/month and the annual plan costs HK$ 2,188/year, payable through a bank card or PayPal.
  • Singapore: The beIN Sports monthly plan in Singapore costs S$14.98/per month whereas the yearly plan costs S$139/per year, both payable through PayPal or bank card only.

Can I Watch beIN Sports for FREE?

There are a few options to get beIN for free for viewers in the MENA region. The beIN Sports channel and beIN Sports News are available on select frequencies for free. For online streaming, beIN Connect is the platform that offers free content in MENA countries.

What Devices Does beIN Sports Support?

You can watch beIN Sports on their website on desktop and mobile browsers. The beIN Network also has apps on Google Play, Apple Store, and Roku.


Yes, you can watch beIN Sports in the USA through cable and streaming providers like Sling TV, YouTube TV, Spectrum, Fubo, dish TV, and Fanatiz.

beIN Sports is not available on Hulu.

There are two FTA (free-to-air) channels, beIN Sports and beIN Sports News, available in the MENA region. For free online streaming, the network offers beIN Connect in the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine (including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Yes, you can watch beIN Sports overseas. Connect to OysterVPN and select a server in a location where beIN Sports is available and you will be able to watch.

beIN Sports is available on Amazon Prime in Australia. For the US, the free channel beIN Sports XTRA is available on the Fire TV channel Amazon Freevee.

Yes, OysterVPN’s dedicated streaming servers are optimized to work with beIN Sports.

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