How To Watch YouTube TV Outside US

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Enjoy live TV channels at home without cable, or switch to OTT streaming! OysterVPN brings the safest and easiest way to watch YouTube TV outside US.

YouTube TV is a paid streaming service by YouTube that brings live TV straight to your home without the need for a cable connection. The service is limited to viewers in the United States, which means anyone not in the US territory is locked out of this fantastic platform.

OysterVPN brings the solution in five simple steps. Now you can watch YouTube TV outside US – securely, smoothly, and quickly. Let’s get right into it!

How to Watch YouTube TV With OysterVPN – [4 Simple Steps]

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What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a paid subscription service offering hundreds of national and regional TV channels for live sports, news, and events, as well as movies, TV shows, and kids’ entertainment.

YouTube TV is a completely separate service from YouTube’s free video hosting platform that you are already familiar with. Once you subscribe to YouTube TV, you can watch regional and national live TV channels on your internet-connected devices such as smart TV, phone, laptop, and tablet.

Besides live channels, the service also has packages for live sports in 4K quality plus bundles for popular streaming platforms. More details below.

YouTube TV vs YouTube Premium: What’s the Difference?

YouTube TV is a monthly subscription service for watching US-based local and national Live TV channels, with options to add streaming services and live sports passes. It is currently only available in the United States.

YouTube Premium is a paid service that lets you watch regular YouTube videos without ads. This service also gives ad-free access to YouTube Kids and YouTube Music along with other value-added features such as background playback modes. It is available in multiple countries.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch YouTube TV Outside US?

For all its great offerings, YouTube TV is still only available to viewers within the USA. If you are outside US, you cannot watch, or even subscribe to, this service.

To watch YouTube TV outside US, you can use a VPN to change your virtual location to the United States. This lets you bypass YouTube TV geo-blocks that prevent non-US viewers from accessing the service.

Why is OysterVPN the Best VPN to Watch YouTube TV?

When it comes to dodging YouTube TV geo-restrictions undetected, there is no better tool than OysterVPN. With dedicated streaming servers optimized and ready in the United States, switching your device’s location to the US is a breeze.

Once you’ve masked your IP address with a US IP, OysterVPN’s high speed and stable connectivity make sure your streaming enjoyment is uninterrupted.

Want to watch the big game? OysterVPN has security protocols that keep your connection hidden without messing with your live feed. Need to binge-watch over the weekend? OysterVPN supports high-definition videos with unlimited bandwidth.

Geared for secure, user-friendly streaming, OysterVPN is all you need to watch YouTube TV outside US.

What Subscription Plans Does YouTube TV Have?

YouTube TV has two types of subscription plans and a selection of add-ons that you can include in your plan at an additional cost. Each of these subscription plans comes with unlimited DVR space so you can record your favorite shows and movies for later viewing:

  1. YouTube TV Base Plan

The Base Plan costs $72.99+tax/month and includes more than 100 live channels, and regional networks bringing you live news, sports, shows, and movies. You can include the Spanish add-on to the Base Plan to get 25+ Spanish-language channels along with Telemundo.

Additionally, Base Plan subscribers can select from several add-ons to get access to more sports channels, like BeIN Sports and NFL Red Zone, or streaming platforms, like Max, STARZ, and Showtime.

YouTube TV Free Trial: Base Plan

Try the YouTube TV Base Plan for free with a 21-day free trial after you enter your payment details. Cancel anytime during the trial period to receive your money back.

  1. YouTube TV Spanish Plan

The YouTube TV Spanish plan costs $34.99+tax/month and includes 28+ Spanish-language networks. The Spanish Plan and the Base Plan do not have the same channels except for Telemundo which is offered in both.

YouTube TV Free Trial: Spanish Plan

You can try the Youtube TV Spanish Plan for free with the 7-day trial. Just enter your payment details and cancel within the trial period if you don’t wish to continue.

How to Get a YouTube TV Subscription Outside US

You can get a YouTube TV subscription outside US by paying through a US-based debit/credit card or a PayPal account.

  1. Open the OysterVPN app and connect to a US server.
  2. Go to the YouTube TV website and click on “Sign Up” or “Try for Free“.
  3. Enter any US Zip Code (you can find them online)
  4. Select your subscription plan and click Next to customize with add-ons (optional)
  5. Proceed to Checkout and choose a payment method to complete
  6. Verify your payment method if requested
  7. Start streaming YouTube TV

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Does YouTube TV have Live Channels?

Yes, YouTube TV offers 100+ live channels and multiple local and regional TV channels. To find out what local channels are available with your YouTube TV subscription, simply enter your zip code in the app to fetch the channel list for your location.

Live channels include the main national networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, AMC, ESPN, and FOX. Besides these and a hundred other channels, you can get the following add-ons at an additional cost:

  • Sports Plus – get more live sports with channels like Fox Soccer, Fight Network, NFL Red Zone, and more.
  • Entertainment Plus – get streaming services like Max, STARZ, Showtime, and Cinemax.
  • NBA League Pass – get all regular season NBA games in and outside your region.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket – get all regular season NFL games in and outside your region, plus the NFL Red Zone channel.
  • 4K Plus – get 4K streaming on supported channels and streams, plus offline viewing on mobile for your DVR recordings.

How Do I Share YouTube TV With Family in Different Locations?

YouTube TV allows the main subscriber, or “Family Manager,” to add up to five family members or friends to share their subscription plan. All members have to be within the United States and not part of any other family group on YouTube TV.

If your family member is outside US, get them to use OysterVPN to switch to a US IP address and they will be able to watch YouTube TV outside US.

On What Devices Can You Watch YouTube TV?

The following devices are supported by OysterVPN and YouTube TV.


Yes, you can trick YouTube TV locations by connecting to the US server of OysterVPN before you sign in to your YouTube TV app.

You cannot watch YouTube TV outside US for free unless you are utilizing the free trial subscription.

Yes, YouTube TV and YouTube Premium support 8K streaming. You can also stream YouTube TV in 4K by adding the 4K Plus add-on to your Base Plan.

YouTube TV does not detect powerful VPNs that use high-grade encryption and multiple security protocols. OysterVPN is a fully-equipped VPN to bypass detection by streaming platforms.

Yes, you can use YouTube TV internationally as long as you use your subscription from your home location every three months. This is a requirement from YouTube TV. If you have an MLB Pass, you will need to sign in from your home location every 30 days.

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