The OysterVPN Chrome Extension Is Now Available for Download

Install and Setup OysterVPN From the Chrome Web Store
Lock in your browser’s security with OysterVPN’s enhanced VPN extension for Chrome that is built for efficiency.

Chrome users rejoice! OysterVPN’s battle-tested security and privacy features have arrived to the Chrome browser. The OysterVPN extension takes minutes to set up and is compatible with the latest and past versions of the Chrome web browser.

Working on a proxy server structure, the OysterVPN extension gives the same functionality as the standalone app. Users can connect their accounts and get features such as traffic encryption, bypassing geo-blocks, and IP masking.

The OysterVPN Chrome extension is lightweight to accommodate the RAM-usage of Chrome browsers and superbly matches the download and upload speeds of a user’s internet connection. This extension is the best for limiting your VPN usage to run on just your browser.

Subscribers can use the OysterVPN Chrome extension as part of their 5 simultaneous connections on a single account. For those considering getting OysterVPN, now is the best time! Grab a Lifetime Access to OysterVPN for just $49.99 and enjoy ultimate internet freedom.

The OysterVPN Chrome extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store where you can also find version information. The extension has in-app purchase options for subscriptions.

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Jason heads the marketing efforts at OysterVPN.

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