Jason Gray

Jason heads the marketing efforts at OysterVPN.

OysterVPN Celebrates Its First Anniversary

As OysterVPN reaches another important milestone, we're celebrating the occasion with a mega sale.

What is credential stuffing

What Is Credential Stuffing and How to Prevent It?

Find out what is credential stuffing in cyber security and how it can compromise your online accounts to protect sensitive information.

What is https?

What Is HTTPs? Understanding Secure Data Communication

Find out why HTTPs is crucial for protecting data. How HTTPs encrypts data to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.

What is bloatware?

What Is Bloatware, and How Is It a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Discover the dangers of bloatware and why it’s essential to remove it from your device. Learn how to identify and eliminate bloatware effectively.

What is cryptojacking and how to prevent it

Cryptojacking: Understanding How to Safeguard Your Resources

You may unknowingly be a victim of cryptojacking with your phone or laptop's processing power hijacked to mine cryptocurrency. Learn what is...

Oystervpn launches firefox

OysterVPN Launches Much Awaited Firefox VPN Extension

Safe browsing has never been easier with OysterVPN's fully compatible VPN Add-on for Firefox available for download now.

Oystervpn interview with safetydetectives

OysterVPN’s Interview With SafetyDetectives

OysterVPN explains the growing need for cybersecurity and what it's doing to address it. Jawwad Iqbal, Partnerships Manager at OysterVPN, sat down...

Oystervpn's optimized servers for seamless indian streaming

OysterVPN Users Can Watch Indian Streaming Apps in HD Quality

Watch Indian streaming services like JioCinema and Hotstar on your device with the enhanced streaming functionality of OysterVPN. Just connect and...

Oystervpn launches chrome extension

The OysterVPN Chrome Extension Is Now Available for Download

Lock in your browser’s security with OysterVPN’s enhanced VPN extension for Chrome that is built for efficiency.

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