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How does a VPN protect you on Public Wi-Fi?

When users use OysterVPN, the User’s traffic is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to intercept it over public Wi-Fi. In addition, OysterVPN protects consumers’ connection anywhere with Military-grade security. OysterVPN prevents and keeps its users away from Cyber-snoopers by masking the user’s IP address.

What Information is at risk when using public Wi-Fi

Hackers, fraudsters, and malicious threat actors always look for new methods to access customers’ data over public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Many public Wi-Fi networks do not need a password; as a result, intruders can get access to users’ online activities or sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information.

Snoopers can simply eavesdrop on users’ internet activities and install spyware software, giving them complete access to the user’s personal information.

3 Types of Wi-Fi security Risk

Packet Sniffing

User’s data can be at risk when using public Wi-Fi. Hackers use the method of Packet Sniffing, also known as Sniffer attacks. The Hackers capture the network traffic of the user.

Rogue Wi-Fi Networks

A rogue hotspot is a Wi-Fi access point that an attacker has installed. It’s designed to seem like a real hotspot offered by a company, such as a coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi to its customers. ’However, users’ data is not secure on Rogue Wi-Fi networks.

Man in the Middle Attacks

Man in the middle attack is a traditional attack often opted by hackers to hold users’ data. The cybercriminal must first obtain access to an unprotected or inadequately secured Wi-Fi router. These sorts of connections are commonly available in public places with free Wi-Fi hotspots and in some people’s homes if their network has not been secured.

How can I protect Myself from Insecure Wi-Fi?

OysterVPN promises the safety and privacy of its users. To prevent the hijacking of Data, users should use OysterVPN on Public Wi-Fi. OysterVPN uses military-grade security and prevents hackers from reaching the breach wall. In addition, OysterVPN protects its user’s data from Malware or harmful software implantation.

How to set up a VPN

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Subscribe to OysterVPN

Purchase a Router and Download OysterVPN on it

Purchase a Router and Download OysterVPN on it

Enjoy the Benefits of OysterVPN on all your devices 24/7

Enjoy the Benefits of OysterVPN on all your devices 24/7

Share everything solely

With the OysterVPN Wi-Fi feature, users can share everything with secure servers.

Access your Bank securely

With OysterVPN, users can access their Bank safely without the fear of getting their data leaked to hackers.

Study or Work safely

With OysterVPN, users can study and work safely on encrypted servers.

Browse social media Privately

OysterVPN lets its users browse privately by masking their IP address, spoofing their locations, and keeping their data and information away from hackers.

How to stop a public Wi-Fi hacker with a VPN

Users can save their data from getting intercepted by a hacker on public Wi-Fi. Users can disable their automatic connections. Users should avoid carelessly connecting to public Wi-Fi. When on Public Wi-Fi, users should avoid logging into any sensitive accounts containing personal information. Users can get rid of Wi-Fi hackers by using OysterVPN on Public Wi-Fi.

Frequently asked questions

OysterVPN masks your IP address by allowing the network to route it through a VPN host’s specially configured distant server. When you use OysterVPN to access the public VPN, its connected server will become the source of your data.

Some public Wi-Fi connections leave you and your data susceptible to hostile third parties. It’s a good idea to connect to OysterVPN when using public W-Fi, whether or not it’s password-protected. OysterVPN will encrypt all communication before it leaves the device.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi is risky because it comes with security dangers that allow hackers to take advantage of open, unsecured networks. When you use a public Wi-Fi and connect to OysterVPN to encrypt your connection, protecting all of your data from prying eyes.