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What is Online Anonymity?

Online anonymity, often known as Internet anonymity, refers to the desire of users to conduct Internet transactions while keeping all information about themselves private.

Users don’t want anyone to know that they purchased a certain medicine. Users don’t want anyone to learn about their bank account information. Users are never going to be content with all of their activities being tracked or collected. An invasion of privacy of this nature is sure to make anyone feel uneasy. So, users take the help of Online Anonymity to Mask their Identities online.

How does VPN security Work?

The OysterVPN connection creates a secure link between the user and the internet. All user data traffic is sent over an encrypted virtual tunnel through the OysterVPN. When users utilize the internet, their IP address is disguised, making their location invisible to everyone. The OysterVPN connection is also safe from hackers and any attacks from unwanted entities.

6 reasons Why you need an Anonymous VPN

Secure Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

Most public Wi-Fi connections provide users with little or no security. This implies that hackers can intercept the User’s Internet traffic and take your information.

Before utilizing public Wi-Fi, always connect to OysterVPN. OysterVPN user’s browsing sessions are always encrypted. As a result, No one can get their hands on your information this way, and even if they do, decoding it will be difficult.

Access Any Website and Content

With an Anonymous OysterVPN, users can access any content and browse freely with their ID masked. In addition, users can access any streaming servers without regional limitations with OysterVPN. OysterVPN users can also access geo-restricted sites through secured servers. OysterVPN bypasses content and censorship to provide users access to blocked video, music, social networking, and other content from anywhere globally.

Save Money on Car Rentals & Flights

Many internet firms charge varying fees based on the IP address users use.

Users of OysterVPN can alter their IP address, compare costs from other countries, and buy from the lowest one by using an anonymous OysterVPN. When reserving hotel rooms, the same thought may be utilized.

Manage all your operations while Travelling

Users should use OysterVPN when traveling for the simple reason that it offers an extra layer of protection. While users may be sharing a public Wi-Fi network with many people, OysterVPN will prevent hackers from stealing users’ data or infecting users’ computers with malware and other potentially harmful viruses. In addition, OysterVPN conceals and anonymizes its users’ identities.

Boost Your Online Security

OysterVPN gives users the protection and peace of mind they need. OysterVPN accomplished this by masking Its user’s IP addresses with a military-grade encryption technique, giving users total online privacy and anonymity. Thus, OysterVPN ensures the safety of information and data of its users.

Avoid Targeted Audiences

Companies use cookies and other methods to track users’ online behavior and serve users’ personalized advertisements. If users want to surf without these annoying advertisements following around everywhere, Users can stop these advertisements from Tracking them through OysterVPN. Advertisers have a more difficult time persuading users to buy when the user’s real IP address is hidden.

Why do you need a Secure VPN?

OysterVPN encrypts users’ data and masks users’ IP addresses by routing their network traffic via a secure chain to another server located thousands of miles away. In addition, OysterVPN masks users’ online identities, even on public Wi-Fi networks, allowing users to surf the web safely, securely, and anonymously.

How to set up a VPN

Subscribe to OysterVPN

Subscribe to OysterVPN

Download the OysterVPN app compatible with preferred your Preferred device

Download the OysterVPN app compatible with preferred your Preferred device

Connect to the OysterVPN’s desired server and enjoy browsing anonymously

Connect to the OysterVPN’s desired server and enjoy browsing anonymously

Frequently asked questions

An anonymous VPN is a tool that keeps your online anonymity at priority and hides your identity while you are performing any online activity.

You need online anonymity to protect your identity from any unwanted users getting to your identity or data. It will keep you safe and protected while you are performing any online activities.

A VPN will mask your IP address with the one that is used by multiple users. This way your identity is not revealed to any unwanted online users.