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Why do you need a VPN as a student?

As a student, you are exploring multiple arenas at the same time. Anything you search for is private and it should remain such so you need a VPN that can protect your data from everyone snooping around.

Stream and access with OysterVPN

We understand that you want to crave a much-needed break from study but many libraries block streaming sites on their Wi-Fi to deter the student. OysterVPN can help you solve this issue by hanging your IP address and bypassing this firewall.

Stay secure with OysterVPN

Always connect to a VPN when you are connected to a public wi-fi including cafeteria or you’re your school’s wi-fi. It not only secures your connection and adds a layer of security but also provides a barrier from the snoopers snooping for your financial details.

Enjoy Buffer-free streaming

With OysterVPN, you don’t have to worry about streaming that is ruined by constant buffering. With thousands of servers operating in multiple locations, there is no shortage of servers ensuring that you enjoy the content without any buffering.

As OysterVPN does not slow down your internet speed, you can enjoy almost any title without any interruption or error.

Escape your school or college’s online control

Your school is tracking your every online move. Going underground by connecting to a server of OysterVPN is the best solution to make your personal information and online activity personal again.

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