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Is VPN Split Tunneling important?

When you connect to a VPN server, it encrypts all of your data and at times you can get blocked from your own region. This happens because you are connected to a foreign server and your access is restricted for your own local services.

This is where a Split Tunneling feature comes into play. If your VPN has a Split Tunneling feature, you are able to access both the foreign services as well as your local services. This way you will stay safe online and will have accessibility to both the VPN server and your LAN devices.

VPN Split Tunneling feature allows you to stream movies online bypassing geo-restrictions and access your LAN printer at the same time.

Types of VPN Split Tunneling

URL Based

URL Based

Choose exactly which URLs you want to be encrypted through the VPN.



Choose your desired apps to be encrypted through the VPN app.

Inverse Split Tunneling

Inverse Split Tunneling

Works opposite to other tunneling types, and encrypts every URL and App, except for the one that you have specified.

How DNS Leak Affect You

  • A DNS leak is the worst thing for you if you are using a VPN because it means that you’re exposed despite being connected to a VPN server.
  • You are vulnerable to hack attempts since your DNS is exposed.
  • Your ISP can track your activity and throttle your bandwidth.
  • Your traffic is no longer encrypted and your data becomes vulnerable.
  • You will not be able to access geo-restricted websites and streaming services.

Is Split Tunneling Risky?

No, in fact, it is the most efficient way to protect your data. It protects your network and allows you to specify the apps and URLs that you want to be encrypted only, rather than encrypting everything on your device or browser. You do not get to compromise on your network speed or device performance because you are choose encryptions manually, hence it does not hinder with the network speed and device performance.

The only risk that occurs while using Split Tunneling feature is that your DNS or IP shouldn’t leak. Otherwise, a hacker can easily access your cache and get access to all of your apps and system. Therefore, choosing a reliable VPN like OysterVPN is necessary.

How does Split Tunneling work with OysterVPN Apps?

OysterVPN has integrated the Split Tunneling feature in all of its app. Users can easily find the feature in the app after logging in. The split tunneling feature allows users to choose whatever they want to encrypt and protect on every app for their device.

Android and iOS users can easily choose the apps they want to encrypt and use safely on Wi-Fi and which ones they do not want to encrypt. OysterVPN has a dedicated app for both of these operating systems and the users can easily navigate in the app to find the feature.

People using OysterVPN on Routers can easily toggle between encryption and no encryption features to specify which services they want to protect and which they want to exclude over the network.

Frequently asked questions

Split tunneling is a good option because it allows users to encrypt selected apps rather than encrypting the overall network.

Not really! Split tunneling is not a security risk unless your VPN leaks DNS or IP address.

There are numerous VPN tunnels like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and OpenVPN.

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